Special Report: The Interview that Shocked a Pastor … and that Will Shock You Too: 4 Things Every Christian Must Know [Video]

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You’ll find this video podcast surprising – maybe even shocking…

I thought you should see this before you receive the next issue of Reality Alert.

I was just interviewed by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

He was blown away … surprised … but hopeful about what I had to say about four topics:

  1. Ballot Harvesting – Why it’s so effective.
  2. How ballot harvesting will change the 2020 election… and the dirty little trick the socialist/democrats are planning.
  3. How Church Ballot Harvesting can save our republic.
  4. Why the Equality Act is so dangerous – as dangerous as the “Ban the Bible” act – and what can be done to defeat it.
  5. How “geofencing” can change any political outcome in 2020 – how this new technology works.

The video podcast is about 20 minutes long. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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