Pastor Mark Driscoll: Abortion is murder

Craig HueyReality Alert52 Comments

Life begins at…

Pastor Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, has been tackling social issues head on.

He did an op-ed in the secular media saying both science and scripture are very clear: Life begins at conception.

Driscoll then pointed out that taking a human life is murder. So by definition, he says abortion is a murderous act.

Pastor Driscoll also stressed that 55 million people in the U.S. are missing–not here–all killed by abortion: “That’s 17.5% of the country’s current population,” he said.

He called abortion as murder “America’s Great Denial.”

Finally, Pastor Driscoll called on pastors to speak out against abortion. If that happened, we would see:

  1. Fewer Christians would get abortions
  2. More Christians would adopt
  3. More Christians would vote for candidates who oppose abortion and support adoption
  4. Fewer Christians would vote for candidates supporting abortion
  5. More Christians would vote
  6. More Christians would actually work to oppose abortion and promote adoption

What do you think about the points Pastor Mark Driscoll is making? Email me at

Prayer Point: Pray that lives would be saved from abortion through the conviction of the women and doctors making the decisions.

52 Comments on “Pastor Mark Driscoll: Abortion is murder”

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