New debt warning: The growing economic crisis

Craig HueyReality Alert32 Comments

Insanity in Washington will eventually lead to ruin

The debt ceiling was just raised–again.

Ironically, at the same time, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) director warned Congress that an economic disaster is about to happen.

The economy is in deep trouble.

The media and liberal politicians say everything is OK.

Beware: Greater unemployment and inflation is ahead. And Congress and the President are ignoring it.

We are $17.2 trillion in debt now!

You’re going to experience great economic trouble…your kids and grandkids, even more.

Here are two great videos:

See CBO director on the growing debt leading to fiscal crisis. (About 4 minutes long.)

Inflation coming: Here’s a great analysis (about 3 minutes).

What do you think about this debt ceiling being raised? Email me at

Prayer Point: Pray that the politicians would come to know the truth about out-of-control debt and spending.

32 Comments on “New debt warning: The growing economic crisis”

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