Meriam Ibrahim–update on courageous Woman of Faith

Craig HueyReality Alert

Last week I sent out a letter about the mother who refused to renounce her faith in Christ, a choice for which she was sentenced to death by hanging.

   She is now free, praise God.

And it’s due in part to all of you who signed our petition, sent comments, donated and were in prayer. Thank you to each and every one of you.

Here is my letter, Meriam Freed, in case you didn’t see it.

Several new developments:

  • Meriam is now on her way to the U.S. She will be settling in a Manchester, New Hampshire home in a Sudanese Christian community and will be attending the Sudanese Evangelical Covenant Church.
  • The New York City pastor I quoted in my letter, Pastor William Devlin, was interviewed about his time with Meriam. It’s worth watching here. About 11 minutes long.
  • Our readers helped spread the word and did a lot of helpful activities for Meriam. One reader was aggressively in touch with the Sudan embassy – offering to switch places with Meriam in jail and be lashed and hung. Wow.

Want to more about the effective system we used to help free Meriam? Call 310-212-5727 or send me your questions at