Must See: “I Can Only Imagine” [Videos]

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After my mom died, I was listening to Christian radio.

A relatively new song came on that was a huge comfort to me…

In fact, I played it multiple times because the lyrics – the words – were so profound … and gave hope.

My mother knew and loved the Lord … so I had the hope and comfort that she was in heaven … and that particular song reinforced my faith.

The song was “I Can Only Imagine.”

This song became a crossover hit song to both Christian and pop music … it became the # 1 song on both charts.

What is the history of this song? How did it come to be written?

The story of Bart Millard – lead singer of Christian band MercyMe … and the author of “I Can Only Imagine” – is gripping…

It explains the lyrics in a powerful and dramatic way.

My wife and I – along with some friends – saw the movie.

We highly encourage you to see it…

It’s powerful.

You might want to bring some tissues to the theater…

Unlike some Christian movies, it’s very well done…

Great character development and acting … a very well-done production.

You can see the trailer for “I Can Only Imagine” here:

You can listen to the song performed by MercyMe here:

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  1. I watched the movie and am recommending it to everyone I know.What a beautiful story of how a life can be redeemed.Loved it,now I want to buy the movie.

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