The end times movie- “The Remaining”

Craig HueyReality Alert

Warning and full disclosure. There are three Christian issues I get lots of angry letters about.

The End Times is one.

I have studied the different positions on the end times, I know them well.

And I am pre-tribulation. (Don’t write to me about this yet).

Now, several new end time movies have come out.

The first is “The Remaining.”

As an ownder of a direct response advertising agency I can say the marketing was poor… and it’s not going to get a lot of views. But should it?

Shelly and I saw it. We were both excited… and disappointed.

The Good.

  • It was action filled, non-stop.
  • It starred millenials, reaching a younger audience.
  • It was done well. Production and acting were good.
  • Some call it a “Christian horror” film for how it depicts the rapture. In many ways it was, but it made its point well

The Bad

  • I doubt if non-Christians will understand why people left behind. One secular newspaper review said it was because the stars had their wedding outside a church, not in one.
  • While there were extra Biblical liberties, the big problem was not enough biblical explanation of what was happening, and why sin.
  • And, the gospel was not presented—meaning there was no depiction that Jesus was the way to salvation, not works, attitude or action. No explanation of sin, the Blood, the cross, the resurrection.

So it might be best for Christian audiences or as a discussion starter.

Next Issue, we will look at Left Behind, which just came out… and I’ll share the various end times interpretations among evangelicals. (We can talk about pre-tribulation then).

If you see “The Remaining,” tell me what you think by calling me at 310-212-5727 or emailing