The 2018 Culture War and Political Crisis: How You Can Help Turn Things Around

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Here are 10 surprising and disruptive things you can participate in during 2018……

We can’t do this alone. We can do this together. Once again, you get to participate in radically transforming California and our nation.


With your donation, you will become a part of:

  • Researching of candidates, judges and propositions – mobilizing voters to vote for, not against, their values
  • Researching the judicial candidates and exposing the judicial activists—stopping judicial action and stopping judicial activism
  • Public outreach and events – promoting voter integrity and cultural transformation
  • Email blasts – educating and equipping millions to impact culture and politics
  • Speaking engagements – inspiring thousands to live out their values and make a difference
  • Advanced communication/ marketing training camps – training hundreds of leaders, pastors and millennials to impact their communities and transform culture
  • Social media outreach – promoting truth and integrity and providing an alternative news source for tens of thousands

Those things that make a difference, that have a massive impact on politics and culture.

Now is the opportunity to continue the fight.

Will you take a stand with us for freedom, family values, and transformation?

For $10, you could run one Facebook ad to help drain the swamp.

For just $20, you could expose one dangerous judicial candidate via targeted research.

For $100, you could fund a full Facebook ad campaign to help others like you learn about how we can influence culture and politics in America.

And for $1,000 you could put a conservative judicial candidate in the top two.

Please send your check, made out to “Election Forum” to

Election Forum, Attn: Craig Huey
21171 S. Western Avenue, Suite 260
Torrance, CA 90501.

Or, you can donate online by going to


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