California Judicial Nightmare: Huge Left Turn

Craig HueyReality Alert

Governors appoint the powerful California Supreme Court Judges.

These judges increasingly legislate from the bench.  They make laws, not interpret them.

This is called judicial activism.

They overturn the people’s vote. They ignore legislation passed by elected officials.

They vote in their political beliefs.

A strict constructionist interprets the law, doesn’t make it. That’s what a judge should do.

A judicial activist actively changes and makes laws. That’s what a judge should not do.

And, they are appointed!

Over the past thirty years, the California Supreme Court was balanced between conservative judges and liberal judges(usually judicial activists).

But no more.

Marvin Baxter, the courts most conservative judge has just retired.

Governor Brown has appointed Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar–a radical liberal law professor with no previous judicial experience and past president of La Raza Lawyers Association of California.

Cuéllar is the second judge in the past two years that has had no prior judicial experience. Judges historically move up from lower courts to higher courts. The previous opponent is a progressive idealog who is a Berkley professor and community organizer.

Both are up for election on the November ballot.

Elections have consequences–lasting decades.

And turning the California Supreme Court into an ultra-Liberal/Ideological Court is one of Brown’s legacy.

But, you can vote to unseat Cuéllar and Liu.  See how to vote for the Judges at