Anti-Semitism, the KKK, and White Supremacy—Truth, Fiction, and Lies

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Anti-Semitism, the KKK, and White Supremacy—Truth, Fiction, and Lies

I am getting so much email about the upcoming Trump transition team.

They are claiming—or at least asking—if Steve Bannon, the new policy consultant for the Trump team, is anti-Semitic.

And the biased, liberal media, liberal teachers in schools and bloggers in social media are accusing Trump and his team of being  KKK members, white supremacists, and bigots.

I have never seen such horrific racial divides in American.

And it’s fueled by liberal ideology, not truth.

By the liberal media, not truth.

By the liberal, anti-freedom Establishment, not truth.

Signs in national protests, on social media, and in emails across the country read “KKK”, “White Supremacy”, and “Stop the racism.”

Protestors said the same thing about Ronald Reagan when he was elected. They neglect to point out that Reagan won two landslide elections with a diverse ethnic coalition of voters.

These attacks of racism and hatred come out of the old radical, socialist “Saul Alinsky” playbook to discredit conservative values, religious and Christian viewpoints, and neutralize voices of reason in our culture.

They point to three reasons why they call Trump and his advisor Steve Bannon racists, white supremacists, and anti-Semites:

  1. David Horowitz, a Jew, wrote an article for Steve Bannon’s website, which called The Weekly Standard editor William Kristol—also Jewish—a “Renegade Jew.” Steve Bannon, as the head of Breitbart News at the time, had the article published. That was it.

The article was critical of Kristol’s “Never Trump” stance, which if accomplished would have                       guaranteed the election for Hillary Clinton.

For the record, Donald Trump has one of the strongest pro-Israel platforms in history. Steve                       Bannon.


Steve Bannon

  1. Another writer mentioned something that Bannon’s ex-wife had said during their divorce proceedings. She alleged that Bannon disparaged Jews one time. In bitter divorce cases, 95% of what anyone says against their estranged spouse is a lie.

This from a man who has been pro-Israel and a consistent friend of the Jewish state.

The truth is that Bannon is one of the biggest defenders of Israel that you can imagine.

Dennis Prager, the well-known Jewish conservative writer and radio host, has risen to Bannon’s                 defense, and labeled such anti-Semitic allegations “libel.”

Alan Dershowitz, a staunch liberal Democrat, has also defended Steve Bannon, and blasted any                   unsupported charges of anti-Semitism as “illegitimate.”

Oh, and Andrew Breitbart the founder of the website/new source which Steve Bannon took over,               was Jewish, and founded his conservative news site in part to support Israel and destroy the anti-             Israel bias in the mainstream media.

  1. The Anti-Defamation League has alleged that Bannon is connected with a loose political movement called the “alt-right”, which espouses white nationalist and prejudicial views. How do they make this connection? Simply because one of Breitbart’s editors wrote an article defending some of their view points.

This is a lie!

Editors for Bannon’s former media firm have confirmed that Bannon wanted them to investigate               anti-Semitism on college campuses.

One also has to wonder: why didn’t the ADL say anything about Hillary Clinton’s anti-Semitic staff           and remarks, including her Israel-hating billionaire donor George Soros?

The league had to back away from its anti-Semitic claims since then, because they cannot find any             article to justify those attacks.

What we are witnessing in this country is the indoctrination of racial hatred based on feelings and             lies, rather than facts and truth.

Instead of teaching people how to think and establish objective truth, schools from K-12 to college are indoctrinating students to believe that the next Presidential administration is going to be defined by racism, fascism, and bigotry. High schools throughout California, and in other blue states like Oregon and New York, are allowing students to skip school in order to protest Trump.

College campuses are allowing students to skip their mid-terms in order to deal with the upcoming Trump Administration. Some college campuses are expanding their safe spaces and providing therapy for students alarmed by President-elect Trump.


Entire schools are being turned into political action groups against conservatives and Republicans.

And it’s tearing apart our country with hate based on lies.

The disarray of racial conflict is not based on conservative values, but rather a left-wing agenda bent on dividing Americans and shoring up political power at the expense of We the People.

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12 Comments on “Anti-Semitism, the KKK, and White Supremacy—Truth, Fiction, and Lies”

  1. Great article! The information and specific breakdown of each issue has helped me to be MORE informed. Thank you for this clarity.

  2. Just like Franklin Graham says: God hates cowards. This truly means so much because today’s “American Christian” walks around on eggshells, fearing they will be frowned upon if they stand up for ‘God’s issues.’ Its really disgusting that EVERYONE is gathering together for EVIL, schools, government, etc., yet…and YET the family of Christ, true Christians are not! What is that all about?! Is everyone so brainwashed that they can’t muster up enough strength of courage to stand with God, to speak up and speak out. If this Nation has learned anything from this past election, it should be that we ALL become more like Trump – speak up, speak out and speak honestly, because when we do things will finally change!

  3. Here’s a quote from the Record Searchlight in Redding: “San Francisco’s public schools have been offered a classroom lesson plan that calls President-elect Donald Trump a racist, sexist man who became
    president ‘by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base’.” It goes on to say that the union that represents city teachers posted the plan on its website and distributed it via an email newsletter to its more than 6,000 members in a district that has more than 57,000 students. It’s unknown how many teachers actually used it.

  4. Come on, Craig! You’re going to believe the company that he headed?!? As a Conservative of the darker hue, you can’t trust people that are linked to the Alt-Right! Even Glen Beck is speaking out against it. Trump’s latest appointment for Attorney General who called African Americans a derogatory name! I guess making “America Great Again” is taking us before the Civil Rights Movement.

    1. That is not true. It would appear that you did not read what I wrote.

      Jeff Sessions pushed for desegregation of schools, for example:

      From the Weekly Standard: “In Alabama, Jeff Sessions Desegregated Schools and Got the Death Penalty for KKK Murderer” Google this article when you have a chance (reminder, The editors of Weekly Standard are harsh Trump critics).

  5. People often accuse you of the very thing they do. Its known the Clintons are huge racists. Just google it. Foul language, the n word, the kike word, and more. They are snobs, and elitistist and their daughter is just as nasty as Hillary her mom.

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