Election 2016: Clinton vs. Trump–The Comparisons and Differences [Chart]

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Election 2016: Clinton vs. Trump--The Comparisons and Differences [Chart]

In past Reality Alert issues, I gave the Clinton/Trump comparison chart differences on:

Click on any of the links above to see where the candidates stand on those issues.

Also …

Check out the differences between the major party candidates, and where their values lie on a variety of issues:

Hillary Clinton Donald


Minimum Wage? Yes, to $12 an hour No
College Tuition Make college affordable without loans Reduce interest rates on college loans
Job Creation Provide incentives for creating jobs at home Repeal Obamacare, reduce taxes

Build a Wall

No Yes


Yes No
Increase Taxes Yes No


Yes No
Lower Capital Gains Taxes No Yes
Support for


Yes Yes
Move American Embassy to Jerusalem No Yes
Support Netanyahu’s Address to Congress No Yes

Now that you see clearly the differences between the two candidates, which one would you like to be able to appoint two Supreme Court justices, perhaps up to five?!

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