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Homeschoolers Endorse a Presidential Candidate: Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz announced a Homeschoolers for Cruz coalition: 6,000 members of the American homeschool community, including their lobbyists. In part[...]
Breaking News: Tony Perkins Endorses Ted Cruz for President
Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council and Author of “No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation[...]
7 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Is Eligible to Be President
Questions continue to abound whether US Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is eligible to run for President of the[...]
The GOP Presidential Debate: Trump a Shocker – Cruz, Rubio and Paul Fight
The GOP Presidential debate helped define the candidates on key issues, especially international affairs and ISIS. Here is how the[...]
Presidential Race Update: Candidates Reach Out to Evangelical Voters
Six Republican presidential candidates recently spoke at a forum at Prestonwood Baptist Church. Over 6,000 evangelical voters attended to hear[...]
Presidential UPDATE: Faith and Politics
Scott Walker on why he dropped from the race, watch here. Ted Cruz’s campaign ad on “the transformative love of[...]
Assault on Religious Liberty: Must-See Ted Cruz Speech
Presidential candidate Ted Cruz recently hosted a rally in Iowa for religious liberty. He interviewed Iowans Betty and Dick Odgaard,[...]
Presidential Candidate Update! On Abortion and Planned Parenthood
Here is a brief update on what some Presidential candidates are doing and saying about abortion. Scott Walker In Wisconsin,[...]
Election 2016 Spotlight: Christie, Cruz and Kasich
1. Gov. Chris Christie Attacks Christians Governor Chris Christie positions himself as a moderate, talks tough like a conservative, and[...]


Dynamic Debate on Iran Deal: Cruz, Rubio, and Paul

Cruz on Religious Liberty

Heroes Panel on Religious Liberty 

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Candidates Stance on Specific Issues

Common Core and the Presidential Candidates
Finding out where the candidates stand on Common Core, especially the Republican candidates,  is tricky. Many are accused of flip-flopping[...]
Surprising? Presidential Candidates on Kim Davis and Religious Liberty
The Kim Davis case - where a Christian woman was thrown into jail because of her beliefs on marriage -[...]
Iran Deal Worse than No Deal?
Most of the 2016 Presidential candidates have condemned the nuclear agreement with Iran. A few have issued serious concerns... Read our full[...]
Update: Evangelicals and the 2016 Presidential Election
In recent weeks, multiple new candidates have emerged. It’s crazy. We have updated our election poll to reflect the new[...]
Presidential Hopefuls on the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
The Supreme Court has issued a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. And the Democrat presidential candidates all issued statements celebrating this[...]