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Featured Articles

Outrageous Media Bias in the First Trump-Clinton Debate: Values Voters Ignored
NBC news has a history of slanting the news and creating its own reality. This was clearly seen during the[...]
Hillary and Trump on Israel [Video]
Election 2016: Who will better for the protection and survival of Israel? For Christians, this is truly critical. Former mayor[...]
The Marketing Blunders of Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton [Video]
Who’s winning the marketing race for the 2016 Election? Hillary Clinton has already spent $50 million on TV ads. What[...]
Gov. Mike Pence as Trump’s VP: What Christians are Saying [Video]
Donald Trump has chosen Evangelical Christian Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana to serve as his Vice Presidential candidate. The loud,[...]
Trump Picks Indiana Governor Mike Pence for VP—What You Need to Know
The loud, outspoken, sometimes crass Donald Trump has chosen the calm, cool, and collected conservative Indiana Governor Mike Pence as[...]
Trump’s Faith Advisors
After the meeting I had with evangelical leaders, (see “My Meeting With Donald Trump—14 Things You Should Know”) Trump set[...]
My Meeting With Donald Trump—14 Things You Should Know
I was privileged to be invited to a special/private meeting with Donald Trump. No speech. No generalities. A heart-to-heart conversation.[...]
Check Out My Interview on Fox After Meeting with Evangelical Leaders and Trump [Video]
Last week, I met with Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and 1,000 religious leaders in the United States. Some of[...]
Evangelicals Troubled by Trump
Many evangelicals have been troubled by Donald Trump, but are completely opposed to Hillary Clinton’s stances, including: Pro-abortion Weak on[...]
Trump v. Clinton: Who’s Better for the Economy? [Video]
When I spoke at the Financial Global Summit in March, Stephen Moore was on a couple of panels. Moore has[...]
Prager to #NeverTrump Crowd: Never Say Never
Conservatives are in a quandary. The rise of Donald Trump has alarmed well-connected conservatives, from Jonah Goldberg to George Will,[...]
Donald Trump on Planned Parenthood: You’re Hired?
Planned Parenthood should not receive federal taxpayer funding. It’s not the responsibility of the federal government. And it’s immoral to[...]


Trump Calls Carson "Pathological"

Christian Leaders Lay Hands on Trump

Candidates' Positions on Specific Issues

Common Core and the Presidential Candidates
Finding out where the candidates stand on Common Core, especially the Republican candidates,  is tricky. Many are accused of flip-flopping[...]
Surprising? Presidential Candidates on Kim Davis and Religious Liberty
The Kim Davis case - where a Christian woman was thrown into jail because of her beliefs on marriage -[...]
Iran Deal Worse than No Deal?
Most of the 2016 Presidential candidates have condemned the nuclear agreement with Iran. A few have issued serious concerns... Read our full[...]