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Ben Carson Reaching out to Young Blacks [radio commercial]
Ben Carson has a Christian rapper supporting him. Aspiring Mogul did an “urban” radio call for young black voters. You[...]
Ben Carson: Muslim Controversy Explodes
Ben Carson received a “gotcha” question from the liberal media. The question: Would Ben support a Muslim as President? His[...]
More Presidential candidates wanting the Christian vote-Ben Carson & Carly Fiorina
Dr. Ben Carson (63), the retired neurosurgeon who boldly spoke the truth to President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast[...]


"I would not support a Muslim for President"
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Candidates Stance on Specific Issues

Common Core and the Presidential Candidates
Finding out where the candidates stand on Common Core, especially the Republican candidates,  is tricky. Many are accused of flip-flopping[...]
Surprising? Presidential Candidates on Kim Davis and Religious Liberty
The Kim Davis case - where a Christian woman was thrown into jail because of her beliefs on marriage -[...]
Iran Deal Worse than No Deal?
Most of the 2016 Presidential candidates have condemned the nuclear agreement with Iran. A few have issued serious concerns... Read our full[...]
Update: Evangelicals and the 2016 Presidential Election
In recent weeks, multiple new candidates have emerged. It’s crazy. We have updated our election poll to reflect the new[...]
Presidential Hopefuls on the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
The Supreme Court has issued a ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. And the Democrat presidential candidates all issued statements celebrating this[...]