Radical Teachers in Their Own Words: True Confessions Reveal the Educational Crisis of Indoctrinating the Children [Unbelievable Must-See Video]

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The teachers are told by the teachers union – “Don’t tell parents what you’re teaching”…”Don’t allow videos in the classroom”…and “Don’t post ideas on social media.” 

Most teachers obey.

But not all.

Watch these teachers’ Tik-Tok video, “True Confessions.” It’s about 4 minutes.

They are like “true confessions” as these teachers brag about the politics, pro-LGBT agenda and radical socialist indoctrination they are doing to even the grade-school children.

These teachers are in red states like Idaho, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas.

They are in blue states like California, New York, Washington, and Michigan.

I explained in “Teachers Indoctrinating Kids to Become Revolutionaries and Agents of Socialist Transformation: 3 Realities Everyone Should Know About Government-Run Schools [Video]” how this came about, including the teacher indoctrination and brainwashing that happens in college and the university education classes.

Taxpayers are paying for this.

Your kids, grandkids, and neighborhood kids are facing indoctrination and brainwashing, just like the teachers got.

Some teachers are training the kids in “mobilization,” or how to become political activists.

As I wrote in “Schools: School Choice Will Solve the Problem [Video]”, only school choice can turn this around.

After you see the 4-minute video, tell me what you think. E-mail me at craig@electionforum.org.

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3 Comments on “Radical Teachers in Their Own Words: True Confessions Reveal the Educational Crisis of Indoctrinating the Children [Unbelievable Must-See Video]”

  1. The video is abhorrent! I am at a loss for words…all I can say is that the public school system needs to shut down YESTERDAY!!!

  2. This makes me sick to my stomach! Anyone who puts their child in any government indoctrination center is committing child abuse! Give up some “stuff” to educate your children at home!

  3. We can teach loving others without contributing to the lie that the enemy of our souls is procreating about homosexuality and gender change. If our media was honest , it would be reporting the true statistics about those who identifying themselves as someone they were not created to be.

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