How Pastors Say They Will Vote for President

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In 2016, 81% of evangelicals voted for Donald Trump.

In 2020, it could be as high as 84%.

But, what about pastors?

Here is the latest survey:

  • 98% of pastors say they will vote … 2% will not
  • 70% of Charismatic/Pentecostal Pastors will vote for Donald Trump
  • 67% of Baptist Pastors
  • 49% of Restorationist
  • 43% of Lutheran
  • 24% Presbyterian
  • 22% Methodist

And what about black pastors?  While many outspoken black pastors have been public about their support for President Trump and how he grew the economy, created record low unemployment for blacks before the pandemic, instituted justice reform and more … 6% say they plan to vote for Trump, 61% for Biden.

Among all pastors, 2% are voting libertarian.

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9 Comments on “How Pastors Say They Will Vote for President”

  1. Well I guess the Lord allows for a lot of variety in His body. I don’t understand it however as the platforms of the parties are so starkly different. I think many people don’t really think or research or study things through. But then how many Christians really study, research and think about the BIBLE? Perhaps that’d be a good comparative poll.

  2. From the statistics, it appears that the evangelical voters are more righteous than our nations pastors when it comes to voting biblical values.
    Which is sobering since pastors, as our shepherds, will be judged on a higher level by God.

  3. If those statistics are correct, most of the sheep have better sense than a great many undershepherds. These sheep hear the Lord’s voice better than those undershepherds who didn’t vote for Trump. Some of those undershepherds probably aren’t born again and don’t have the Holy Spirit in them. Others of them may have the Holy Spirit but He doesn’t have much of their heart or mind. They fell for the devil’s deception.

  4. As far as the black pastors are concerned, I think they are a special case because of their history and the people with whom they move. They have to be honest when they say who they voted for. In their case, they could abstain rather than vote for Biden and still be able to speak into their community. They will have an opportunity to explain that they couldn’t vote for the platform they stood for and go on to explain the gospel.

  5. The most astonishing of all these polls is the black pastors. Given the history the Dems have concerning the blacks should be reason enough not to vote for any of their candidates. But more importantly, any pastor who does not vote according to the Biblical mandate should not ever be in the pulpit. Period!

  6. Hard to understand how any pastor would vote for policies and procedures that are devoid of God and promote evil. It is bad enough to choose to serve Satan, but to lead your flock to hell is unforgivable.

  7. One of the big problems “is that many people are irreversibly swayed in their thinking by the rhetoric that gets thrown out there by the opposition (that would be the “opposing party” or by the infamous “accuser”. Once the see is sown, then all of the other lies just seem to follow along, right in place behind = leading down a trail of deceit.
    Hang on to the Lord folks. He will remain in control.
    As Habakkuk 2: 3 and 20 says, ….3″For the vision is yet for the appointed (future) time…. it will not fail.” (…Many will fall prey to wickedness..) …..20″But the Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the earth hush and be silent before Him.”

  8. There is no excuse for being ashamed of believing the teaching of Jesus. They are not a special case. There are no special cases. They are demonstrating that opposing righteous leadership is acceptable.

  9. I am a Christian and live my live very conservative. Despite that, my politics lean towards the liberal. I had the thought of imagining Jesus in a room with Donald Trump and the conversation they would have. I imagine Jesus saying “Turn the other cheek. Those without sin should throw the first stone and it is a narrow path to heaven for a rich man.” My imagined Trump’s response would be “You are a disgusting vagrant that associates with losers. You sway people to unrest with your lies.” This is certainly my own imagined opinion and interpretation of my belief as a Christian. I would love to hear other peoples view on their opinion if Jesus and Trump were in a conversation.
    If you could please post your ideas and comments I would appreciate it.

    Furthermore, when I imagine Biden and Jesus in a room I believe they would be different in some ideas, with Biden being wrong. Nevertheless, I imagine it much more civil.

    My summary is that I personally, and this is my own opinion, is that Trump does not act very Christian. I do recognize that I have no right to judge who is Christian and this is very much my OWN idea. God judges and he does a much better job than I do.
    I am concerned with Trump on the issues of immigration, the environment, respect for others and treatment of women. (I am biased on the last issue as Ms. America pageant always disturbed me.
    Once again these are my own opinions and should not be considered factual or even based on factual information.
    I as a Christian was confused by my other Christians on their support of Trump as I considered the goodness towards men. Despite that both my father and girlfriend voted for Trump as they had every right to do so.
    I would very much like to hear others opinions.
    Thank you very much and please remember that God is King and will never be overthrown. Trust in Him in all things.

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