Epic California Recall Election: What is Really Happening [Interview with Craig]

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I recently did an interview with Kayla Blakeslee about the Governor’s recall in California. You can listen to it HERE. Here are a few highlights:

This is an epic battle – it will expose the corruption in the California government and of Governor Newsom.

Here are a few of the reasons there is a recall – and people are leaving:

  • 5.5 businesses a week are leaving California right now.
  • A record number of people are becoming California refugees.
  • Churches were shut down, worship and prayer made illegal.
  • Big corporations have received all the favors from the government – while around 40% of small businesses have closed their doors forever.
  • California now has the highest taxes, the highest homeless rate and the highest crime rate in the nation.
  • The biggest obstacle to the recall is fighting the California political machine.
  • The unions and many organizations use ballot harvesting to maintain Democratic control of California.
  • And now, over two million people have signed the petition to recall Governor Gavin Newsom.
  • There will be close to 80 or 90 candidates in this race to replace Governor Newsom.
  • Today, 19 states allow recalls.
  • The race will be in October or as late as November.
  • On the ballot will be a question that asks if the Governor should be recalled – then the second part of the ballot says, “Which candidate should be Governor?”

Back in 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger got 48.6% of the vote and became Governor with that percentage of votes.

It is possible that a candidate that only receives 30-40% of the vote could win the race.

  • Gov. Newsom has spent around $11 million dollars trying to convince people to take their name off the petition. It isn’t working.
  • Newsom will have about $100 million in this race. All opponents are struggling.

The former Mayor of San Diego has about $10 million in this race.

The candidate that ran against Gov. Newsom last time will have around $5-$6 million in the race.

At this point we do not know how much money Caitlyn Jenner will have in this race – she does have her own fortune and free publicity – she wants to make transgenders more acceptable but she does have a conservative platform.

  • $1.5 million dollars was given to Gov. Newsom by the Realtors’ Association – and you will see large corporations seeking government favor in this election.

Gov. Newsom will be utilizing ballot harvesting and the best marketing tactics to win this election – this election will be an uphill battle to recall Newsom.

The interview is about 7-minutes long of Craig Huey with Kayla Blakeslee on the Governor’s recall.

Click HERE to listen to it.

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3 Comments on “Epic California Recall Election: What is Really Happening [Interview with Craig]”

  1. While I, as a (temporary) Californian, appreciate the updates on the recall effort, Mr. Huey, I am disappointed to see you referring to Bruce Jenner with female pronouns. He can lawfully change his name to just about anything he wants, but it is a lie to call him a “her.”

    I respectfully ask you to correct this in future posts. As Christians, we need to embrace the truth, even (and especially) when it isn’t popular.

    Thank you.

  2. Mr Jenner! I will not vote for you! because when I stand before God Almighty I do not want God to be mad at me for not voting for my christian brother! I must do what is right in the eyes of God!
    gavin is giving away big money for getting vaccinated. another way of staying in office.

    Goodbye Newsom please return the people of CA all their tax dollars!

  3. Critical race theory is part of Kundalini Worship (Serpent Worship) Satan Worship – Do you want that in your schools? PUBLIC NOTICE TO THE CITY OF SAN CLEMENTE


    Tuesday June 15, 2021

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