Special Report: Reopen America

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Thousands of people have signed our Reopen America Now petition.

Its time to open up.

Its time to open businesses.

Its time to open churches.

Its time to save the economy and stop the insanity.

Governors are delaying – some till June.

Then strict guidelines could make it last through the summer.

Our kids. Our medical community. Our society needs to open up.

Government is power hungry. They are spreading fear to continue their control.

They are destroying freedom, hope, and opportunity.

Help us distribute the petition today.

1. Sign it here.

2. Send it to your email list.

3. Post it on your Facebook or Twitter.

And if you have not had a chance, you can read our special report, “Economic Collapse and Loss of Freedom Escalating: 4 Reasons Americans are Demanding, ‘We Must Open America Again – Now!’” by clicking here.

What do you think? Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

One Comment on “Special Report: Reopen America”

  1. The country should have never closed the virus is just a scare tactic move as en excuse to further a sinister plot against the world through programming our minds through main stream media and using ridiculous commercials to advance their brainwashing CULT EVIL agenda by force un-normal behaviors such as stay inside, wear masks, stand six feet apart, causing the public to distrust one other, taking our normal liberties away, changing the way we live, and cutting our food supplies ect.. ect.. ect.. all this BS is purpose driven , purpose planed and will purposely continue through Facui and Bill Gated evil vaccines and it seems our President’s hands are tied and power less through the lack of actions he hasn’t stop the wills of evil men to that have taken control of our lives and country. God help us all.

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