Fake News from the UN: Worst Nation for Human Rights Abuse in 2018 [Petition]

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The United Nations approved 27 resolutions in 2018 condemning various human rights abuses by countries around the world.

It’s no surprise to see countries such as Syria, Russia, Iran, North Korea and Myanmar (Burma) on the list.

But was Syria the most denounced nation in 2018? No.

Was it Iran? No.

North Korea? No again.

In the “infinite wisdom” of the UN, Israel ranks as the worst nation in the world for human rights abuses … with 21 condemnations out of the 27 issued last year!

The terrorist group Hamas – which constantly fires missiles from Gaza into Israel – wasn’t condemned.

Nor was the UN willing to condemn Hezbollah’s terror tunnels.

Sign our petition to stop funding the anti-Semitic United Nations.

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One Comment on “Fake News from the UN: Worst Nation for Human Rights Abuse in 2018 [Petition]”

  1. We should have gotten out of UN years ago, they are not our friend. They have done so many horrific deeds pretending to be good.

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