Why Won’t I Vote for Gary Johnson: He Would Put Christians in Jail [Video]

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Why Won’t I Vote for Gary Johnson: He Would Put Christians in Jail [Video]

Last month, I wrote an article which generated quite a stir.

Libertarian Surprise: 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Vote for Gary Johnson

One of the key reasons I mentioned in the article was that Johnson is taking a very non-libertarian position on religious freedom.

In fact, he is choosing a very statist, collectivist position that violates the fundamentals of a free society.

He will not protect religious liberty.

He won’t defend the First Amendment.

Johnson has argued that protection of religious liberty and freedom of conscience is a “black hole”, which could lead to more discrimination against other groups for a variety of reasons.

In reality, though, his comparisons on the matter are all wrong.

If an individual chooses not to offer certain business services because it would violate that person’s conscience, that is a private decision.

It’s the foundation of our Constitution. It’s what the American Revolution was all about!

If a Christian decides not to prepare a wedding cake for a gay wedding, that is their choice. It’s about proprietary rights, and it’s about not participating in certain activists.

Governor Gary Johnson (Credit: RonPaulRevolt2008)

Governor Gary Johnson (Credit: RonPaulRevolt2008)

And yet … Gary Johnson, the nominated Libertarian candidate for President, has actually declared that it is the government’s job to protect us from discrimination. He believes that the role of the state includes imposing a set of beliefs of a select group on everyone else.

That is not a limited government stance. That is a form of tyranny.

This is about more than whether someone should be forced by Big Brother Government to bake a cake for an activity that they object to on moral grounds.

This is about forcing Christians to abandon their views from the public square entirely.

Consider what happened to these Christians:

  • Oregon Bakery Owners Aaron and Melissa Klein, were fined $136,927.07 fine for causing emotional distress to a lesbian couple when the bakers refused to make them a wedding cake. They paid the fine, but are still appealing the case.
  • Barronelle Stutzman, a florist in Washington State, sold flowers regardless of their sexual orientation. When she refused to sell flowers for a gay wedding, however, the state attorney general sued her for discrimination. She is about to loser her business, home, and retirement savings.
  • Elane Huguenin, a professional photographer in New Mexico, was fined $7,000 for not providing her services for a same-sex wedding. The judge then ordered that she must compromise her Christian beliefs
  • Who can forget the Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, Kim Davis, who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, despite the sudden—and dubious—ruling from the Supreme Court? She sat in a jail cell for five days.

There are hundreds under attack now, and they are growing.

For Gary Johnson, though, our First Amendment rights are not as important as preventing “discrimination” … except against people of faith.

Listen to Johnson explain his pro-growth, anti-freedom views in the Libertarian Party debate in Nevada:

And Listen to his interview with Glenn Beck last week here:

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4 Comments on “Why Won’t I Vote for Gary Johnson: He Would Put Christians in Jail [Video]”

  1. This is a great article, Craig. I will forward this on to all my Never Trump friends. Perhaps they will see the light!

  2. Gary Johnson doesn’t understand that rights come from God. He creates “rights” that completely obliterates the foundation of rights which are inalienable based on Scriptural principles. We are created in God’s image. That gives dignity and meaning to man. If we are just cosmic accidents, who cares? Certainly the impersonal universe doesn’t care about us. If our government abandons the source of rights, it becomes a tyranny no matter how much it may ‘say’ it is for freedom. Freedom is predicated upon God given rights, not upon government granted rights which are alienable.

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