Pope/Vatican Surprise: Demonization of Evangelicals and Catholics Defending Biblical Values

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Evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics were surprisingly just attacked by the Vatican.

The Rev. Antonio Spadaro, a close confidant of Pope Francis and editor of the influential Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica (English Edition), chastised Christians’ Bible-based political values.

Writing in a Vatican-approved magazine, Spadaro condemns the way American evangelicals and their Roman Catholic supporters mix conservative religion and conservative politics.

He claims the conservative worldview promotes division and hatred.

Spadaro fears evangelicals have a dangerous outlook that divides the world into only good and evil, providing a type of “apocalyptic geopolitics” advocated by such luminaries as White House adviser Steve Bannon, a Catholic.

He also believes this mix of religion and politics inspires “an ecumenism of conflict” that demonizes opponents and promotes a “theocratic type of state.”

Conservative religious support for Trump also came under Spadaro’s attack.

He accused activists of promoting a xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls and “purifying deportations.”

It should be noted that articles in La Civilta Cattolica are reviewed and approved by the Vatican Secretariat of State. The publication is seen as an unofficial mouthpiece of the papacy.

Spadaro’s critique is also aimed at America’s Catholics who have fought for religious exemptions from gay marriage laws and other measures church leaders consider immoral.

Spadaro wrote that “erosion of religious liberty is clearly a grave threat.” But he warned against mounting a defense of religious liberty in “fundamentalist terms.”

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8 Comments on “Pope/Vatican Surprise: Demonization of Evangelicals and Catholics Defending Biblical Values”

  1. If this statement is true, I feel that Spadaro doesn’t represent a Catholic philosophy . I sincerely feel, as a Catholic that the Pope needs to retire because this position seems to be too much for him to handle.

  2. As a practicing Catholic I disagree strongly with the Popes vew. He doesn’t mind commenting fairly often about America’s conservative policies etc. yet claims conservatives are politicizing things that in his mind should not be politicised. Does he not realize the damage of the left agenda has done and will continue to do if left unchecked?! He sees the world from a socialist and maybe Marxist point of view. I don’t remember him criticizing the Obama Administration like he has Trump. In fact I would not be surprised if he and Obama were playing footsie regarding the pouring of Central Americans over our southern border. I have never missed trusted or disagreed with a pulp in my life like I have this one.

  3. Redo of my last sentence. I have never mistrusted or disagreed with a pope in my life like I have this one.

  4. Not surprising. Catholic religion is a cult. Mary was a regular woman , not a deity. Revelations talks about a one world religion in the end times. Looks like the pope is making it happen. My opinion is conservative values more closely reflect the teachings of the Bible.

  5. When the Vatican tears down their walls and allows any and all to swarm in and provides all with housing, jobs, phones, food, medical care, money, education, internet, and free legal advise on how to fight the hand that is feeding them, etc, without requiring assimilation, loyalty, or obedience to their laws, then it may be in a position to advise the U.S.A. how it should conduct itself. Or, it could even provide the financing to another willing country to do that on their behalf, since they don’t really have much land space in Vatican City, but enormous wealth. When it has done that successfully over adequate time, with transparency of records on the sources and distribution of the money involved, and proven itself effective, it would be in a better position to suggest to others how they should govern in issues of immigration. Let them actually demonstrate to the world how their philosophy will bring a community that thrives and flourishes in their own country, by practicing what they preach. Oh, and all the leaders of the papal system must spend a substantial period of time actually living in the same geographical area with the immigrants and the citizenry, without any added protection from what the general populace enjoys. Hoping to see how this plays out.

  6. If this is True, He is not truly our Pope!!! He must be suffering from Diabolical Disorientation!!! Time to replace him with a TRUE CATHOLIC POPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is by far the worst pope that ever represented religion. He has gone against God’s Word on so many occasions. I was born and raised Catholic but 15 years ago became an Evangelist because they more closely follow the KJV of the Bible.

  8. I am a Roman Catholic and this pope is nutz folks. He sounds more like the so called UN”s New World Order, than a Catholic Pope to me. Trans, homosexual, lesbians are supposed to be treated fairly, but we do not have to accept their behavior as normal. As far as Islam is concerned, they want to kill us, plain and simple. They want to expand Islam at any cost. Islam is not a religion, but a theocratic way of life. They do that by migration folks. God does not ask of us ,that we be stupid about such things.

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