Transgender Bathrooms: Powerful Exposure of Truth and Clarity [Video]

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Governor Gregg Abbott challenges Obama’s unconstitutional transgender bathroom order (Credit: Politistick)

15-year old boys, showering with teen girls?

Or going into a girls’ bathroom?

This is moral insanity … and dangerous!

In the last issue, I looked at President Obama and the Target Corporation’s agenda to allow men into women’s bathrooms as part of an “inclusive” transgender policy. Click here to read it again.

But I thought you should see a powerful video on this latest front of the culture wars.

Texas governor Greg Abbot explains why Obama’s decree on transgender bathrooms is unconstitutional.

You can see a 4-minute interview here:


6 Comments on “Transgender Bathrooms: Powerful Exposure of Truth and Clarity [Video]”

  1. I wanted to see all the comments rather than making one but since I don’t see any of the comments, I will add that I agree with the strong opposition to the gender policy that violates the rights of everyone else in order to pander to the gender choices of those who think gender is entirely subjective. President Obama and the progressive liberal Democrats are exploiting the issue in order to expand the federal government’s control over social issues.

    Every state should refuse and just bite the bullet if it loses federal funds. The federal government has never had the power constitutionally to fund education in the first place. This is a good opportunity for each state to give up those federal funds and regain its lost rights to handle public schools at the state and local levels only. I think 31 states have a Republican governor so these governors should refuse to accept this unconstitutional grab for more federal power over the States.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Thank GOD that the first time I hear about Sir Governor of Texas Gregg Abbott speak the truth and quote Bible. More than that he adore Jesus Christ when he mention Him. Phrase GOD.Amen.I hope that America remember GOD, The only true GOD That founded and bless America.

  3. Quite apart from moral objections and the potential for abusive conduct I haven’t heard anyone raise the following points.

    1) The public restrooms are designed for male and female BODIES so that the rooms can function more efficiently and be kept clean more easily. The male restrooms have urinals. One reason is that they don’t occupy a cubicle which is available for those who need to defecate but, more importantly, it is possible to miss the bowl and thereby dirty the top of the bowl or the floor. This is avoided by using the urinals. The female restrooms might have more cubicles because female BODIES have to sit down to do their business. NOTE that it has nothing to do with anything else other than their physical BODIES and how they function.

    2) If so-called transgender people use the restrooms, the females in male restrooms will occupy a cubicle, thereby wasting resources, and the males in female restrooms are likely to dirty the bowl and the floor in the cubicles with urine. This is a problem because these restrooms don’t match how their BODIES function. If these people really want to use cross sex restrooms, the females who use male restrooms should use the urinals and the males who use female restrooms should sit on the commode for all their business. if the don’t want to, they should use the restrooms that suit their bodies.

    3) The transgender people who use the opposite sex restrooms are imposing on the privacy (females in male restrooms) or the comfort (males who leave urine residues on the bowl or floor) of the opposite sex. The majority are being stressed out by the faulty thinking of many, especially those in authority – even some Supreme Court Judges.

    4) The problem transgender people claim to have is that their bodies don’t match what their minds would like to have. So, the problem, according to them, lies with their bodies. Using cross sex restrooms is not going to change their bodies. That is not a solution to their problem. They will have the same bodies with them in the restroom as out of it. So, nothing has changed and using cross sex restrooms is unwarranted.

    5) They are being hypocritical. If a transgender person goes to a physician or hospital will they want the doctor to treat them according to what sex their body is or according to that of the opposite sex? If there is a prostate problem with a male, will he want treatment for a womb or another feminine organ? If a female needs a hysterectomy, will she want a prostate gland treatment instead? And where is the doctor going to find that in her body? If they want medical treatment according to the sex of their body, why can’t they use the restroom that is the right match for their body?

    6) Whatever motive they have for wanting to use the restrooms of the opposite sex, they are being disruptive. It is interesting that, at least, some of them don’t want dedicated restrooms for themselves but want to use those of the opposite sex. That is intentionally trampling on the rights and sensitivities of the normal majority. They are intentionally and aggressively being antagonistic and hurtful to others.

  4. Obama is a radical, schooled by Saul Alinsky. Read the booklet, “Barack Obama’s ‘Rules For Revolution’, put out by David Horowitz’ Freedom Center” It sure opened my eyes and got me thinking. Whatever America is against, Obama is for. Whatever America is for, Obama is against. Obama DOESN’T CARE about transgenderism, or homosexuality, or anything, really. All he cares about is “fundamentally transforming America” which we don’t need. We needed a leader/President who kept our country great and free. Alinsky said, “The issue is not the issue” the “The issue is always the revolution”. Let me ask you Americans one question: What has Pres. Obama done FOR the United States? Hmm? He’s at least a Muslim sympathizer, if not one in fact, BUT why did he light up the White House with the homosexual rainbow colors??? Muslims HATE homosexuals, as evidenced by them throwing homosexuals off roofs. So…what does that tell you about Obama’s “spirituality” or what he believes in? Christians define homosexuality as a sin, and Islam hates them. So, is he a Christian or a Muslim? Think, Americans, think!

    1. It is more likely that religion does not drive President Obama primarily but rather a political vision of social justice entrenched over the years based on the perceived injustice of what he thinks of as imperialism particularly the era when western nations had moved into the less developed world in Africa and elsewhere. His atheistic politically-driven mother influenced Obama more than you might have thought.

      He lived a comfortable, even privileged life. But in his childhood and in his upbringing as a teenager in Hawaii he was not around Islamic influences. His primary contact with Islam were those three to four years in Indonesia from ages 6 to 10. His first six years were in the United States with his mother and grandparents. His Muslim biofather was not at all in the picture since he had left them at the birth of Obama.

      His stepfather was not an observant Muslim (neither was the biofather). Both men drank which no observant Muslim will do. When Obama was 6 years old, he went to a Roman Catholic school in Indonesia. Then they moved into a Muslim neighborhood where the public school was dominated by Muslims and only here did Obama as a small child come in contact with Islam. His mother had no interest but opposition to organized religion.

      Then shortly before Obama turned ten, his mother sent him back to Hawaii to be brought up with her parents. The second marriage did not last very long and she was involved in her work as an anthropologist. The biggest influence in Obama’s upbringing in his early life was his grandparents where he was able to attend an academy so he had a privileged education but entirely secular.

      When Obama left Hawaii to go to college, he came under the influence of radical Marxist professors as you have mentioned in your email. Those men left a definite mark on Obama’s political views. Obama professes to be a Christian and attended a radicalized church for at least twenty years and probably longer. It would not be surprising given his recognition of his biological father and the few years he spent with his stepfather and the fond memories Obama has of the public school dominated by Muslims that he has a benevolent view of Islam which might explain his reluctance to identify the Islamic Jihadists terrorists in Muslim terms but this most likely only reflects those fond memories and not an entrenched religious commitment to Islam hidden from view.

      We are probably going in the wrong direction to see conspiratorial designs in Obama’s political views and determination to impact a legacy politically that will survive his departure from the White House. It seems more apparent that his burning sense of how unfair the western nations have been including the United States as the world’s super power is to be found in the resentment of western imperialism during which the white race was in the role of the dominating race.

      I agree it is ironic that most blended races that combine the white race and some other race tend to see themselves as part of the minority race rather than identifying with the more dominant white race. This in part no doubt stems from the fact that people in general tend to respond to blended races as members of the minority race so it is not too surprising that Obama sees himself more as a black man and thus identifies with the historical travails and racial injustices of the historical Past.

      There well might be an underlying seething anger with the white race in general that he sees as primarily instrumental in depriving others of social justice. Therefore, to him the federal government should be expanded and enlarged so it can complete the work of undoing all the perceived injustices of the Past and those that others see still lurking about in the cracks and crevices of society. He does not see power as something to distrust and fear but more of a weapon that can slay the dragon of social injustice. He sees himself as a brave knight riding out to defend the beleaguered races and nations of the world who have been mistreated, short-changed and pushed around by the western imperialists including the United States.

      So I don’t think the evidence shows that religion drives Obama in his vision of social injustice but rather his distorted political views of past injustices and the role of government power in restoring social justice. He is willing to sacrifice the separation of powers and the checks and balances against power required in the Constitution to achieve what he sees as a far more important goal since in his mind all of the advances in racial equality have come from the federal government. To accommodate this superior goal in his mind, he is willing to go with judicial activism that tweaks and changes the constitution from the bench to achieve what Obama regards as the bigger and more important cause. Misguided? Yes but not a conspiratorial plot to replace Christianity with Islam in the United States.

  5. People, this “transgender” issue is a load of crap. Try “WALTHEYER.COM” or “SEXCHANGEREGRET.COM” put out by a former transgender, who was a man, became a woman for eight years, and then went back to being a man again. He’s BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. Remember what Holder said: “never let a tragedy go to waste”. That’s what this “transgender” issue is. Obama has grabbed onto it, to screw up America, just like he’s done with all the other issues. Only .3% of the population is transgender, and Obama wants the other 99.7% to kowtow to this tiny, tiny percentage of people. But what’s MUCH worse, is that this “allows” perverts, rapists, sexual abusers, peeping toms, etc. to do their crimes “LEGALLY”. Just read the reports of this happening NOW, all across the country. Isaiah 5:20 reads–“woe to those who call evil good, and good evil…” That’s EXACTLY what’s happening in this country, RIGHT NOW, Christian brothers and sisters. If you call yourselves Christians, you NEED to pray, stand and resist.

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