Syrian Christians + Trump + Biased news [video]

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President Trump has given hope to Syrians, including Christians.

God loves the Syrian people.

In fact, did you know the church at Antioch of Syria was Paul’s home base for his missionary ministry to the world? The Syrian church is one of the oldest in the world.

It is estimated that 15-20% of the population was Christian. It’s now estimated to have dwindled to around 10%. But they have faced genocide. And our Father always sides with innocent victims of oppression (Jeremiah 22:3).

What we do for the people of Syria, we do for Jesus (Matthew 25:40).

Here is CNN shocked that a Syrian refusing to condemn President Trump: despite a biased set up and question.

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One Comment on “Syrian Christians + Trump + Biased news [video]”

  1. That Syrian man is telling the truth. Syrians don’t want to be “refugees”! They want to live in their own country without fear of being killed/gassed. Wouldn’t YOU? Put yourself in their shoes. The only reason a lot of those Syrians leave is so they don’t get killed! Wouldn’t YOU? I thought that missile attack on the Syrian airfield was great, but only a start. Remember when Pres. Reagan bombed the palace of Libya’s dictator Kaddafi? We didn’t have any problems with him for 25 years after that. Do the same with Assad. The Russians aren’t going to do anything in retaliation. They RESPECT strength, which is what Pres. Trump is showing.

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