Shocking! Muslim Migrants Abuse Christians in their Own Countries! [Petition]

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Shocking! Muslim Migrants Abuse Christians in their Own Countries! [Petition]

Germany has welcome Muslim migrants from the Middle East in record numbers.

Instead of assimilating into the tolerant German culture, Muslim migrants are attacking Christians, harassing them for their beliefs, and persecuting them for expressing their faith publicly.

German politicians like Erika Steinbach have demanded an end to this anti-Christian hate, and have called for deportation of any migrant who attacks Christians in Germany.

Particularly disturbing, Muslims attack Christians in migrant housing, forcing them to hide their Bibles and limit all discussion or profession of their faith.

Muslims attack Christians in refugee camps (Credit: YouTube)

Muslims attack Christians in refugee camps (Credit: YouTube)

Here is a list of the crimes and abuses perpetrated against Christians in Germany, including German migrant camps:

  1. Death threats for rejecting Islam
  2. Children’s toys are destroyed
  3. Christian asylum speakers must clean their own dishes and the entire kitchen
  4. Church services must be held in secret. Bibles and crucifixes must be hidden
  5. Christian converts face attacks and death threats even after leaving migrant housing

These attacks and abuses are horrific and abusive, and attack the fundamental values of the German people.

This kind of anti-Christian abuse is common in migrant camps throughout Europe, and could come to America if we don’t stop it!

Sign our petition to help bring Christian refugees from the Middle East, to save them from persecution and genocide!

Click here.

Contact me if you want to help the persecuted Christians in other ways. Email me at

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