Brainwashed: College Students Want Muslims to Have More Rights Than Christians? [Video]

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If a Christian baker refuses to make a same-sex wedding cake, he’s sued and dragged through court.

That is the reality facing Christian business people.

But if a Muslim singer doesn’t want to sing at an Easter Church event, is that okay?

This hypothetical situation was put before students at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

They agreed the singer has the right to turn down the engagement.

Students were also asked: If there was a city ordinance saying groups could sue you if you opted out, would that be a good law?

Again, on-camera, students said it wouldn’t be a good law.

They were asked: Should a law exist that forces someone to do a work they don’t feel comfortable doing?

Again, the answer is “absolutely not.”

But when asked if a Christian photographer should be allowed to refuse to shoot a same-sex wedding because it went contrary to his beliefs, there was a lot of soul-searching among the students.

You could hear the wheels in their brain grinding. They didn’t want the Christian off the hook, but didn’t want to give a hypocritical answer.

They’ve been brainwashed by cultural progressivism.

And college students are so indoctrinated by far-left liberal, politically correct elementary, high school and progressive college professors, it’s not surprising they embrace a two-tiered system of “justice.”

It leads to progressives having their own version of right and wrong.

Muslim or Christian professional, why can’t they both be left alone to decide to take a job or not?

In case these college students forgot, anyone forced to do a job that attacks their sacred beliefs and violates their conscience, goes against the very principle of religious liberty.

Our Founding Fathers knew this. Part of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…”

Watch this powerful 4-minute video.

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One Comment on “Brainwashed: College Students Want Muslims to Have More Rights Than Christians? [Video]”

  1. Yep, “brainwashing” is the word for this! Hypocrisy knows no bounds, it seems. Indoctrination is another word for it, too. I’ve seen videos where a Christian goes in to a gay-owned bakery and asks for a cake that says something Christian and the owners turn them down! What’s good for the gander IS NOT good for the goose?? But, then again, the Christian customer wouldn’t be suing the bakery either, unlike the other way around. Hypocrisy rears it’s ugly head. I’m sure glad my sons are out of school, personally. Otherwise, I’d be in the Chancellors and/or Professor’s face about this evil indoctrination in the schools. I hate (dislike intensely?) hypocrisy. Satan is working overtime right now, guaranteed. Thanks Craig and staff.

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