Religious Liberty Mega Court Victory: Newsom, Lockdowns and Unconstitutional Church Regulations – $1.35 Million Settlement [5 Things You Should Know]

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It’s a historic victory for religious freedom.

The state of California must now pay $1.35 million to the Harvest Rock Church.

I wrote about the courageous pastor Che Ahn and his fight for religious liberty…and about stopping the unconstitutional church lockdowns.

You can read the story here, “Pastor: Courageous Fight for Religious Liberty Despite Threats of Jail, Fines and Religious Opposition”.

Pastor Che saw what Communism/Socialism/Marxism can do to churches in his home country…and he stood firm to not let it happen in the U.S.

Said the church about the victory:

“When the enemy’s tactic was to silence the body of Christ, God placed courage in our Pastor’s heart to stand and fight! Today, we stand on the side of victory, not only by the Supreme Court, but also the District Court! He who began a good work, will carry it on to completion!”

The United States District Court for the Central District of California approved a settlement that compels California to pay the $1.35 million for legal fees. But the real victory is much bigger.

Here are 5 things you should know:

1. A great Victory.

Under the settlement, California may no longer impose discriminatory restrictions upon houses of worship.

It covers all in-person services, singing, prayer meetings and other church activity that Governor Newsom of California criminalized and outlawed.

It’s the first permanent injunction in the U.S impacting all states.

2. The media ignored it.

Sadly, the media and Big Tech were silent on this historic victory.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Apple News all ignored or downplayed the decision.

3. A path for the future.

The Harvest Rock victory is the latest in a string of profoundly important wins in court for the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom and practice from New York to California. Whatever the next “crisis”, the court has spoken to protect the freedom to worship.

4. Newsom, issuing the most anti-Christian/church mandates in the U.S. – told never to do it ever again.

California Governor Newsom, his bureaucracy and the collusion of social and mainstream media closed down churches, stopped worship when churches started… and outlawed prayer.

He criminalized Christianity.

But Costco, Ralph’s, Big Lots and Lowe’s, could’ve opened – as if they were safer.

5. Judges recognized and upheld the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Here is what the Pastor said:

“This is a momentous day for churches in America! After nearly a yearlong battle defending our religious freedoms, our lawsuit has reached a permanent settlement in our favor. I am thrilled to see a complete reversal of the last discriminatory restrictions against churches in California, knowing this case will act as a precedent, not only in our state, but also in our nation.”

“We are incredibly grateful to our attorney Mat Staver and to Liberty Counsel for their relentless support and fierce determination. Most of all, we give all the glory to God for moving mightily in this historic season!”

A sad chapter in America’s history. A great ending to the sad story of statism trying to destroy the Christian community.

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4 Comments on “Religious Liberty Mega Court Victory: Newsom, Lockdowns and Unconstitutional Church Regulations – $1.35 Million Settlement [5 Things You Should Know]”

  1. I’m incredibly grateful for all the courageous Christians who have disobeyed the law but obeyed God!

  2. Religious liberty if a top priority or us who claim to be Evangelical Christians. However, refusing to wear masks will cause deaths among the participants and their family members. It is not a hoax. 600,000 have died from COVID 19 in the USA. I know many individuals who contacted COVID 19 and the side effects have not gone away. They survived but continue to be ill.

  3. Newsom Is the Picture of the UGLY American, He thinks he is so pretty but completley ugly dictator Inside and Out he ruined the state of California And does not follow the rules that he demands from the rest of us We should have stood as a group and refused to follow his rules this America is a free country but democrats have committed murder and broke every other rule in our laws and have gotten away with all crimes for many years now . we better stand up for our Laws before we become Venzuella ,that will take every law abiding citizen to stand up and demand they are all arressted and taken to trial then punished for each and every crime

  4. This is a win but I think the $1.35 Million Settlement should come directly out of Recalled Governor Newsom’s own pocket, not paid for by taxpayer dollars!

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