Bigotry: Farmer Banned Because He’s a Christian [Video]

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Steve Tennes has always done what he believes is right.

Steve operates Country Mills Farms, an organic apple farm located 22 miles outside of East Lansing in Charlotte, Mich.

Since 2010, his farm has participated in East Lansing’s Farmers Market and has complied with the city’s “Human Relations” law that makes it illegal for public accommodations to discriminate based on sexual orientation.

Steve has gladly served and sold apples to all comers, regardless of their sexual orientation.

The problem? In 2016, Steve posted on the Country Mill Facebook page about his Catholic beliefs and that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

He further wrote that his farm could only host weddings consistent with his faith.

After hearing of his beliefs, East Lansing officials expelled Steve, telling him that Country Mill could no longer participate in the Farmer’s Market.

Steve has filed a federal lawsuit against East Lansing, alleging a violation of his religious beliefs.

Here’s a powerful 5-minute video of Steve explaining his plight.

Keep in mind, Steve violated no law in Charlotte where he lives and works. He violated no law in East Lansing. He didn’t violate any state law or federal law.

Steve sells his apples to anyone.

Steve has the First Amendment freedom not to promote events that violate his conscience.

But when the farmer posted his religious beliefs online (from 22 miles outside of East Lansing), the city excluded his farm from doing business in East Lansing.

It is intolerant for East Lansing to monitor Steve’s Facebook posts and punish him for what he says or does outside of East Lansing.

Ask yourself this. Do you really want government to punish people for what they say or do outside city limits?

The answer is NO. Cities should not have the power to go on seek-and-destroy missions across the country to ban businesses not aligned with their ideology.

Is this the new left?

Is this the left that finds anyone dissenting with their world view as unacceptable?

No free speech. No dissenters tolerated … anywhere.

It is the left in America that has mutated into total intolerance.

Meanwhile, good news. The Supreme Court announced this week it will consider the case of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, taking on the fight over religion and gay rights. We will remember this next week so you’ll have the details and prayer items.

3 Comments on “Bigotry: Farmer Banned Because He’s a Christian [Video]”

  1. Freedom to choose who, where, or how you react with in your believes should be a right protected by and honored by the constitution, can a christian go to an Islamic group and demand pork products, can a Mormon legally marry more than one wife in America. All or nothing at all seems to be forgotten when “Snowflakes” the PC term, don’t get their safe place to whine and cry when turned down. The first amendment right ends when it runs into every others first amendment rights.

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