Questions for My Meeting with Trump

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I will be meeting with Donald Trump in New York City in a few weeks, along with other evangelical leaders.

This event will not feature a speech by Trump.

The event will focus on Donald’s answers to our many questions.

Some readers have shared some great questions for him to ask.

Here are some examples of great input I have received:

  1. Will you accept Christ as your personal savior and confess Him as your Lord?
  2. Will you ask Jesus to forgive you of all your sins based on the death and resurrection of Christ?
  3. Historically, lower taxes have led to economic growth, job creation, and reduced unemployment. Consequently, it was encouraging when you released a plan to cut taxes. But then you said you would increase taxes on the rich—whose capital arguably creates a lot of jobs. Which tax policy will you be pursuing?
  4. An Oregon Christian couple was fined $135,000 for refusing to make a cake for a lesbian wedding. Does that seem fair to you?
  5. Given that global temperature is now no higher than it was 18 years ago, don’t restrictions on our economy to fight climate change seem unreasonable?
  6. Respecting Christianity requires more than just allowing people to say “Merry Christmas.” Will you fight to bring God back in the public square and stop government from harming Christian businesses?
  7. Recent news reported that the government spends 1.7 cents to make a penny. What plans do you have to fight government waste and spending?
  8. Will you speak out for life and against abortion?

What else would you like me to ask Donald Trump? Email me at

13 Comments on “Questions for My Meeting with Trump”

  1. I will be praying for you and other Christians as you meet with The Donald. I also pray for discernment

  2. Thankful you are given this opportunity. Praying for open heart and mind for Trump; Holy Spirit leading you and the others.

  3. I like the tone of your questions for D. Trump. Here is the question I submitted to the request for questions I got from Dr. Ben Carson for this same meeting:

    “Will your faith play an important part in your decision making and conduct while leading us as president? I sincerely hope so! Having a PRESIDENT with a personal relationship with JESUS Christ, God’s Son, is critical to making our country GREAT AGAIN!”

    1. Confronting him with this question really serves no purpose. If you recall, Rick Warren asked B.Obama if he was a Christian, and he answered Yes! God’s Word states that they will be known by their fruit, clearly with what we are living, people will say anything to win over groups. Its best to take this issue to our Lord & Savior and ask that HE lead Donald Trump, that He send the Holy Spirit to Him in order that He will be the leader God wants.

  4. Please ask Mr. Trump the following question if possible.

    The GOP has become poisoned with constitutional-deconstructionists, who for decades have had it functioning as ‘the lesser of two America destroying mainstream political parties.’ Something that cannot be justified in the name of national security as one of fundamental principles of our constitutional-republic is that ‘Americans shall never exchange God given inalienable-rights for security.’ Will you commit to using ‘the original intent of America’s amended constitution as your measure for all governance’? Thereby beginning the process of returning the GOP to being ‘the party of the Constitution,’ and altering America’s trajectory from national-suicide toward restoration?

  5. Changing subject but re: illegal immigration, please point out the success of Missouri with their policy about illegals. They have English only, no benefits to illegals, etc. Why can’t the entire US follow their successful route?

  6. Re. the first 2 questions…I believe that is a complete turn off! My Bible says that the Holy Spirit does the convicting. Whoever these people are that want to ‘demand’ his decision remind me of the Pharisees, always demanding of Jesus. To me it not done in God’s love.

    1. Joann, THANK YOU so much for saying that! I just wrote a long message on the question line email stating the exact same thing! What in the world would make this group believe they are “chosen” to convict Mr. Trump. Further I commented that as we pray about/for Mr. Trump we feel a sense that this ‘movement’ as Mr. Trump calls it (perhaps a sign from God to him) is about God using him because he really is/was the only person ‘brave’ enough to stand up for what is right – not what is politically best. And as God used Saul somewhat unbelievable to us as we read about those God chooses to lead, our prayer is (and if so, God already knows) we may see today’s version of Paul. I appreciate your exhortation!!

  7. Would Mr. Trump work towards having English as the official language of the United States and then require that only English be used in publications of products, services, newspapers, etc.? If one lives in this country, then English must be the only language for written and verbal communication.

  8. Mr Trump “how can we as Constitutional Conservative Christians” TRUST anything that you say or do . Actions speak MUCH louder than words …and your actions don’t fall in line with 2/3 of OUR PARTY values . You attract bedlam and mayem everywhere you go ….your language and lifestyle don’t at all agree with 2/3 of Our Party…..Your track record is even worse . We have just endured 7 years …4 months and 17 days of exactly that . Our America deserves better

  9. Thank you Linda Lomma. I, too, would like to know Mr Trump’s answer to that question. For the next president, it is at the core of some complex & decisive issues.

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