Pastor Held Hostage in Iran Free at Last. What Did His Wife Say?

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Pastor Saaed Abedini (Credit:

After the release of Pastor Saeed Abedini, his wife Naghmeh announced on Facebook:

“I want to say thank you to all of you for having prayed and have wept with us, have signed petitions and have called your government officials. Thank you for having stood with our family during this difficult journey”.

President Obama called her personally, to celebrate the release of her husband.

Pastor Greg Laurie also rejoiced following Saeed’s release. “It did not happen as quickly as we had hoped, but it happened in God’s perfect timing.” Laurie exhorted all Christians to continue praying for Pastor Saeed and his family as they recoup and restore.

Naghmeh thanked all her supporters, especially Jesus: “Than you, Jesus, for being with us during the difficulties of life and bringing people who help us bear them.”

Our thanks for all our readers’ prayers!

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7 Comments on “Pastor Held Hostage in Iran Free at Last. What Did His Wife Say?”

  1. Al Baxter, what do you mean? His wife has been working closely with Jay Sekulow at ACLJ appealing for his release over the years. She has appeared at congressional hearings and Foxnews regarding his flight

  2. This is an important reminder NOT to listen to the liberal media. I heard this suggestion that they had marital problems as well. Its a sad attempt to discredit Christians and conservatives.

  3. Him and his wife and children should be commended for trustingredients in the Lord for His provision to go through such trying times, But at the same time rejoice in the fact that Our Daddy was Glorified as they all let His Spirit work in and through them to bring many saint’s into His presence Thanks

  4. Anytime someone has been imprisoned and beaten in such a horrible way, and then is released back to his family, it will be very trying for all members of that family to get back to living “normally”. It’s a major trauma and change and life will never be as it had been prior. Let us pray diligently for God’s Grace to help this young family to adjust to their new normal. They are going to need it, if for no other reason than his body has taken a terrible toll; he’s not the strong healthy young father and husband he was when they last lived with him.

    1. Weather this great champion of God knows it he brought the denominations of Christmas belive results more than any one miracle could possibly achieve in all this country together as one. Thank you for faithful sacrifice

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