How Many Christian Refugees Has the President Welcomed?

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Save Christians in the Middle East (Credit:

The Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA.

Arrests of terrorist suspects in California and Texas.

All expose how our lax immigration system is putting Americans at great risk.
And recent reports indicate that the ISIS forces are exploiting the refugee program to infiltrate more countries.

One compromise in Washington offered to give priority refugee status to Christians and other persecuted minorities. 10% of Syria’s pre-war population is Christian.

One would think, then, that 10% of the income refugees to the United States would be Christian.

But out of 651 refugees admitted to the United States shortly after the Paris attacks in November 2015, only three have been Christians.

Most of the Middle Eastern migrants flee from refugee camps headed by the United Nations, and even there Christians are not safe.

Please sign this petition, and tell President Obama: “Stop the Evil, Vicious Slaughter of Iraqi Christians”. Click here.

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3 Comments on “How Many Christian Refugees Has the President Welcomed?”

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  1. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    Consider that these are not so much ‘refugees’ as they are migrants being used as pawns, encouraged by national, regional, and global-engineers to leave the Middle East instead of staying in there and fighting ‘the evil that fills the void of good men’ existing in the Middle East.

    An engineered situation that is precisely what should be expected from domestic and foreign ‘establishment’ social and political engineers using neo-Marxist tactics to inject America with an infection of Muslim-extremists who are likely to be a percentage of the immigrants being imported. Is all this happening in the the natural course of things, or is it about ‘threat-management.’ ‘Establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionists, and especially those with more of a ‘neo-Marxist bent,’ would love to see Muslim extremists engage in more terrorism within the United States and more ‘NOT FOR PROFIT MASS SHOOTINGS’ to elevate the level of fear in Americans thereby encouraging Americans to accept further constitutional-deconstructionist legislation and other unconstitutional governance in the name of reducing gun crimes and national security. Constitutional-deconstructionist legislation being easier than ever to make a law given the fake-opposition to Democrats we see out of the conservative-schizophrenic ‘establishment’ GOP congressional leadership.

    These are the same type ‘establishment’ democrats and outright conservative-impostors who have deliberately left America’s borders open for 50+ years allowing 50+ million illegal immigrants and drug cartels to enter. An occurrence not born out of ‘votes for Democrats’ and ‘cheap labor for Republicans’ as we have been told, but born out of a long-term social and political regional-engineering agenda.

    And for those holding the sign that says “save Christians in the Middle East” found in this blogs above the picture, we may have to apologize to them for not having the resources to remedy the threats that seek to murder them. This, because the 78 million Catholics and 28 million evangelicals in America, who maintain more than enough in numbers to have prevented the murder of 55 million unborn children and to stop further murders, must repent for, and end, the ongoing mass offense we represent to God. An offense against God we have committed over the past century by having created a ‘Christ-void’ we have created in Society and government due to the changes in post-1800s Christianity which finds God worth reading and talking about, but not worth representing in society and government to the exclusion of competing worldviews and governance.

    Psalms 82:4 — Deliver the poor and needy; free them from the hand of the wicked.
    For those precious Christians being martyred throughout the world because we know must be busy remedying the mass-murders occurring within our own nation, we apologize for having created an increasing ‘Christ-void’ in America over the past century having resulted in the mass-murder of millions of unborn-children and mass-corruption that must be remedied before we can save the rest of the world.

    This, because of the God who judges humans in the afterlife, judges nations in this life. And as citizens of the United States, the 98 million Americans claiming Christ are obligated to remedy our own nations mass-murder offense against God to minimize the extent to which we taunt the justice side of our ‘God of love and justice’ — the God who ultimately determines whether our children and grandchildren live in a free nation, or in a godless anti-Christian tyranny and shell of a once great nation for which the only remaining vestige of its past greatness is the label of the ‘United States of America.’

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