Franklin Graham: God Allowed Trump to Win? [Video]

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Franklin Graham: God Allowed Trump to Win? [Video]

Throughout the Election 2016 Presidential campaign, Pastor Franklin Graham sensed that God was at work:

“God was going to do something in our country—just from the people coming earlier in the day, standing in the sun, standing in freezing cold, standing in snow, standing in rain, and they came to pray. They didn’t come to hear me. They came to pray for their nation.”

During his Decision America Tour which, visited all 50 state capitols, pastor Graham prayed our country. He stressed to Americans everywhere that this election was not just about corruption or coarse language, but the future of the Supreme Court, and the precarious future of American citizen’s freedom of religion.

He also fervently believes that God, not Russia, intervened and moved in the Body of Christ to shape this election.

Check out what Franklin Graham had to say about God and Election 2016:

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4 Comments on “Franklin Graham: God Allowed Trump to Win? [Video]”

  1. Yes, I do believe that God’s help shape the outcomes of this race. Every political pundit, every analyst thinks that Hillary was going to win! Somehow I felt strongly that God would turn it around.
    It happened! Even though only a small group of people crying out to God sincerely. He always in control! Amen!

  2. If God could us Balam’s donkey, He can certainly use Donald Trump. I certainly believe this nation is at a turning point, that if allowed to continue in the same direction, would have led to the eventual demise of this great country. Let’s pray that God does use Trump to turn us around. I believe He will.

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