Election 2016: The Candidates Talk Easter

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Easter means many things to Christians.

Jesus died for our sins, and gave us His eternal life.

This is holiday is the most important for a Christian, for without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins (cf. Hebrews 9: 22)

After Jesus died on the Cross, His blood cleansed away our sins–one sacrifice for sins forever (Hebrews 10: 12), and His blood cleanses us forever more (1 John 1: 9).

Easter means everything for a believer in Christ Jesus.

So, what did the candidates say about Easter?

Donald Trump:

“Well, it really means something very special. I’m going to church in an hour from now, and it’s going to be–it’s a beautiful church. I’m in Florida.”

Then he added:

“And it’s just a very special time for me./ And it really represents family and get-togethers– and something,”

Ted Cruz issued an extended press release commemorating Easter:

“This weekend, Christians of every denomination remember the most transformative event in history – Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection – the ultimate sacrifice that redeemed the whole world.

“The light of Christ brings hope to every corner of the world. This year Heidi and I pray that in the wake of the Brussels attack, as we mourn for the victims who lost their lives in the subway tunnels and airport corridors at the hands of baseless terrorists, we will remember that the light of truth is stronger than the darkness of terror.

“I am reminded of Saint John Paul II’s first return to Poland as Pope. In 1979, upon his arrival, he kissed the tarmac. And the dust that had all but covered the churches ruptured as the bells rang out – one after another. Soon millions of people lined the streets. And when Saint John Paul II addressed the crowds before the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, he spoke these immortal words: ‘On how many battlefields has that solider given witness to the rights of man, indelibly inscribed in the inviolable rights of the people, by falling for ‘our freedom and yours’!’

“And he asked for the Lord’s blessing upon the land:

‘Let your Spirit descend.
And renew the face of the earth,
the face of this land.’

“That is the redemption message. By His sacrifice we are made new. And as we remember the gift of salvation on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, let us be so bold to ask the same. We face a different enemy than in 1979 – but one with the same goal – to snuff out the light of freedom. But we also know that just like Communism in 1980 it can be defeated because good overcomes evil, truth illuminates the world, and freedom breaks the bondage of tyranny.”

No other press releases or statements were located for John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton.

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4 Comments on “Election 2016: The Candidates Talk Easter”

  1. Trump: and it really represents family and get-togethers- AND SOMETHING(?) Well, he obviously knows what it means………NOT! Please Lord: save us from people like that. Lord Have Mercy.

  2. Where are the Christians? How do we get them to vote? Jesus, as we celebrate Easter, provides mankind the ultimate freedom from sin and death if we open our lives to Him, confess our sin, and receive Him as Savior. Our freedom as people here in the world depends on us being responsible and accountable by voting. Hopefully, this election we will have the clearest choice we’ve ever had concerning our faith and God’s purpose for our nation.

    1. Turn on your wifi (if ts not already on) and turn of cellular data. Turn off phone and the turn it back on. When it’s on, wait like 1 minute till your phone settles down, and the update should continue downloading on its own. Tht78#&21a;s what happened to me. Hope that helps and good luck

  3. Clearly only Ted Cruz understands the True Meaning of Resurrection Day/ Easter. By that Truth he has access to Holy Spirit Wisdom which is vital for anyone attempting to lead a family, let alone a nation. Roll up your sleeves, Christians, and work for Cruz’s election!

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