Donald Trump:  11 Ways He Can Restore and Protect Religious Freedom

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Donald Trump:  11 Ways He Can Restore and Protect Religious Freedom
Election 2016 showed the power of the Christian vote!
A Clinton Presidency would have spelled the death of religious liberty in this country.
Trump promised throughout his campaign to protect the First Amendment and the freedom of conscience for all Americans.
Here are ways that Trump can keep good on his promise to the Evangelical Christian, Jewish, Catholic, and Mormon communities who supported him for President:
1. Instruct the Department of Health and Human Services (under Secretary Tom Price, MD) to roll back any mandates for contraceptive services in employers’ health insurance plans.
2. Instruct HHS Secretary Price to ensure that the term “sex” printed in all federal laws refers to biological reality as opposed to gender identity or feelings. Trump should sign the Civil Rights Uniformity Act, which would ensure the proper and limited enforcement of this principle in all federal legislation and regulations.
3. Cut all funding to Planned Parenthood.
4. Sign the Conscience Project Act. This law would protect health care employees from participating in objectionable acts, like abortion or sterilization.
5. Sign the First Amendment Defense Act. This legislation prevents government discrimination against religious Americans who refrain from certain activities because of their Biblical views about marriage.
6. Direct the Department of Education (through Secretary Betsy DeVos) to roll back the mandate for “transgender” bathrooms in public schools.
7. Dismantle and repeal Common Core, or at least inform states and schools (through Dept. of Ed Secretary DeVos) that they will not lose funding if they reject the controversial curriculum.
(To our readers, please sign and share our petition to demand the end of Common Core. Click here.)
8. Instruct the Department of Justice (through Attorney General Jeff Sessions) to enforce the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act to protect citizens engaging in religious activities. Americans who attend houses of worship should not fear attacks, threats, or intimidation from protesters and opponents
9. Repeal the Johnson Amendment, which has muzzled churches and pastors from speaking out on critical moral and political issues. This legislative reform would restore churches and religious communities as the conscience of our country.
10. Issue an executive order which protects the tax exemption status, accreditation, licensing, government grants, and contracts for all institutions, entities, and persons who recognize marriage between one man and one woman.
11. Sign Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s bill Save the Christians from Genocide Act (HR 4017), which would grant emergency refugee status to Christians fleeing persecution in the Middle East.
The Christian and Catholic communities placed their faith in Donald Trump, and let us pray that he follows through on his promises to uphold and demand the religious liberties of all Americans.
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