Churches Bombed / Easter Resurrection Celebrations Canceled Nationwide [video]

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Over 40 Christians were killed by two suicide bombers at two Egyptian churches on Palm Sunday.

Now many, if not all the churches have decided not to hold public services on Easter because they cannot count on the Egyptian government for protection.

God loves the Egyptian people. In fact, the Christians in this country date back to the very first Christian churches.

And our prayers go out to all the victims.

Our Lord sides with innocent victims of oppression (Jeremiah 22:3).

Our omnipotent, all loving, omniscient, merciful God knew these horrific attacks would happen before they did.

Let’s remember, God did not cause this persecution. The Muslim terrorists did.

Human freedom…free will…is why Christ died. God did not remove our freedom on the cross. No, he redeemed it.

Because of the cross, with the power of the Holy Spirit, God can use our human freedom to advance His will, His glory, and His Kingdom.

Jesus grieves with the victims in Egypt. He wants us to grieve for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We can minister by prayer.

Watch these two videos…one showing the terrible devastation…and the other with Tony Perkins with a powerful perspective.

Watch the special report, about 2 minutes.

Watch Tony in this 3 minute video.

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