Other Counties Primary Election

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Other Counties Primary Election, March 8, 2011

Alameda County Proposition Election

NoMeasure AProtection of Quality Local Schools Measure of 2011 — Alameda Unified School District (2/3 Approval Required)

  • To maintain high-quality Alameda schools by protecting small class sizes; core academic, art, music and athletic programs; neighborhood schools; and retaining excellent teachers, shall Alameda Unified School District replace two existing parcel taxes with one annual parcel tax for 7 years in the amounts described in the voter pamphlet, with an exemption for seniors, strict accountability measures including oversight by an independent citizens’ committee and an annual audit, and every dollar staying in Alameda schools.

El Dorado County Election

NoMeasure AShall the District renew the parcel tax for 7 years to maintain school quality? — Tahoe Truckee Unified School District (Parcel Tax Extension – 2/3 Approval Required)

  • To reduce the impact of budget cuts and ensure all students receive a high quality education by preventing reductions in science, music, art, technology, physical education, college preparation, honors/advanced placement classes and vocational education, retaining librarians, counselors and nurses, and maintaining funding for school equipment and supplies, shall Tahoe Truckee Unified School District renew its expiring parcel tax for 7 years, at 135 dollars per year, with senior exemptions, citizens oversight, and annual audits?

Orange County Proposition Election

NoMeasure A Playa del Norte Commercial Development Project — City of San Clemente (Majority Approval Required)

  • Shall Resolution No. 10-53 approving the Playa del Norte commercial development project in the City’s North Beach area be adopted?

Santa Clara County Proposition Election

NoMeasure ATo levy a special tax and issurance of bonds for maintaining local schools and meeting future classroom facility needs — Community Facilities District No. 2011-1 (2/3 Approval Required)

  • To prevent severe overcrowding and excessive busing of students, maintain local neighborhood schools, and meet future classroom facility needs created by new residential housing, shall CFD No. 2011-1 of the Santa Clara Unified School District levy an annual special tax of $19.00 on existing residential units, and a one-time and annual special tax on new residential units as prescribed in Resolution 10-47, issue up to $788,000,000 in bonds, and establish an annual appropriations limit?

San Mateo Proposition Primary Election

NoMeasure WRe-Authorization/Replacement of Parcel Tax — Brisbane Elementary School District (Parcel Tax – 2/3 Approval Required)

  • Shall Brisbane School District renew its current parcel tax with an inflation increase by levying a special tax of not more than $119 annually per parcel to provide teachers/instructional aides for reading, music, and art; providing exemptions for eligible senior citizens? Shall District’s annual appropriation limit be raised between 7/1/2011 and 6/30/2016 in an amount equal to levy of said tax, with funds spent exclusively on schools within Brisbane School District and not used for other purposes?