San Bernardino County ElectionNovember 8, 2011

Craig HueyPast Election Archive


Council Member; City of San Bernardino; Ward 3

  • Tobin Brinker
  • John Valdivia

Council Member; City of San Bernardino; Ward 5

  • Chas Kelley
  • Larry A. Lee

Council Member; City of San Bernardino; Ward 6

  • Rikke V. Johnson

Council Member; City of San Bernardino; Ward 7

  • Wendy J. McCammack
  • James L. Mulvihill

City Clerk; City of San Bernardino

  • Peggi Hazlett
  • William A. Valle
  • Amelia Sanchez-Lopez
  • Georgeann “Gigi” Hanna
  • Esther Jimenez

City Attorney; City of San Bernardino

  • James F. “Jim” Penman
  • David L. McKenna

City Treasurer; City of San Bernardino

  • David C. Kennedy


Member, Governing Board; Chaffey Community College District (3 Elected)

  • Paul J. Gomez
  • Gary L. George
  • Kim Toliver
  • Lee C. McDougal
  • Flora Martinez

Member, Governing Board; Baker Valley Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Gerald Freeman
  • Ray Maria
  • Kelly Fisher

Member, Governing Board; San Bernardino City Unified School District (4 Elected)

  • Gil Navarro
  • Anna M. Cox
  • Henry William Nickel
  • Willard A. Hughes
  • Daniel William Deane
  • Margaret B. Hill
  • Juan M. Lopez
  • Sharon “Bobbie” Perong
  • Michael J. Gallo
  • Lynda K. Savage
  • Teresa Parra
  • Elsa Valdez
  • Damon L. Alexander

Local Measures

__Measure F. Fire Safety Tax — City of Hesperia (2/3 Approval Required)

  • To preserve the ability to provide and maintain firefighter/paramedic positions at current staffing levels, shall the City of Hesperia establish a City-wide special parcel tax of eighty-five dollars per year to be used only for fire protection and medical aid services and which shall expire automatically in five years?