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red-check-mark-150 Yes, I want to help stop the genocide of Christians and help pass HR 4017—the Save the Christians From Genocide Act.

I understand every 30 seconds a Christian is martyred for their faith…and the U.S. won’t help. But I will.

Your contribution will help mobilize hundreds of thousands to put pressure on Congress to pass HR 4017.

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**All donations go to the media push to get this petition signed so the bill HR 4017 will get out of committee, be voted on, and passed by congress.

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Save The Christians CDMG

1313 4th Ave. North

Nashville, TN 37208

Call: 615-814-6633

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Petition: Save the Christians from Genocide

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Craig Huey

Attn: Save the Christians from Genocide

1313 4th Ave. North

Nashville, TN 37208