Help Stop the Censorship of OAN on DirecTV - Whether You Watch it or Not, Like it or Not ... We Must Stop the Coordinated Efforts to Silence Conservative, Libertarian and Christian Opinions

SAY NO TO 'MEDIA CENSORSHIP' of OAN ... and FOX, Newsmax and Christian Media

OAN is a conservative broadcast network.
Similar to FOX News and Newsmax … OAN has been under a coordinated, well-organized, well-financed attack to censor it’s voice and kick-it off the airwaves.

Because of their efforts, they have convinced AT & T’s owners of DirectTV to cancel OAN and eliminate its broadcasting.

The other networks will be next.
We are organizing - through the Turn America Around Fund - a campaign to have you be part of stopping the injustice and protecting the freedom of speech.

You will receive information on which individuals to write to, phone, sign a petition, or encourage to reverse this decision.

Senator Rand Paul has cancelled his subscription to DirectTV.

We know many will follow.

However, there are other things that we can do to reverse this banning of diverse opinion.

You will learn which organizations are attacking OAN, FOX, and Newsmax, and Christian Media.

You will learn what they are saying.

And what you can do to offset their deceit and censorship.

You will be able to get insight into how to Turn America Around by keeping voices on the air that expose the lies, the misinformation, and the distortions of the biased media.

You will be able to see how we can keep opinions that are on the air that oppose socialism, the attacking of Christian liberty, and those who want greater control over our lives.

To be part of this mobilization, simply fill out the information below and we will keep in touch.


I want to be part of being able to mobilize people to support freedom of the airwaves for OAN and to stop DirectTV from cancelling them.