Nevada County Voter Guide

This Election 2020 Nevada County voter guide will help you cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda and biased media coverage of the campaigns. This guide ranks every aspect of a candidate’s record according to experience, integrity, and commitment to community.

Here you’ll find recommendations for:

  • President
  • Propositions
  • Superior Court Judges
  • Congress
  • State Senator
  • Assembly Men
  • City Council

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Ratings: Every candidate is considered after thorough research; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete. Here is our rating system:

  •  : The best candidate. Our strongest endorsement.
  • : Very good.
  • : Acceptable.
  • : Vote only to prevent worse candidate(s) from winning.
  • : Terrible. Do Not Vote. All your other votes will count.

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2020  Presidential Election Recommendations

(View official election schedule here)


  • Joe Biden(D) 
  • Elizabeth Warren (D) 
  • Bernie Sanders (D) 
  • Pete Buttigieg (D) 
  • Tom Steyer (D) 
  • Mike Bloomberg (D) 
  • Donald Trump (R)  [Endorsed]
  • Governor William F. Weld (R) 


  • Proposition 13 = Vote “no”
  • The school and college facilities bond
  • 2/3 vote of the Assembly and State Senate.
  • Legislature Analyst: We estimate the cost to pay off the bonds would a total $26 billion – $15 billion for the principal plus $11 billion for the interest!

U.S. Representative

1st District

  • Doug LaMalfa (R) 
  • Audrey Denney (D)
  • Rob Lydon (D)
  • Gregory Cheadle (I)
  • Joseph LeTourneau IV (I) 

4th District

  • Julianne Benzel (R) 
  • Tom McClintock (R) (Incumbent) [Endorsed]
  • Brynne Kennedy (D) 
  • Jamie Byers (R) 
  • Robert Lawton 
  • Mario Wilson (R) 

State Senate

1st District

  • Brian Dahle (R) (Incumbent) 
  • Pamela Swartz (D) 

California State Assembly

District 1

  • Elizabeth Betancourt (D) 
  • Megan Dahle (R) (Incumbent) 
  • PK Dhanuka (I)