4 Comments on “Whom Did Trump Attack First?”

  1. What do you expect from such a selfish person as Trump. It is all about him. He is very angry right now about losing Iowa too. I think it is childish behavior. I would rather hear each candidate talk about their record and what they can do to improve life here in America.

    1. Exactly, Terry. He’s just a “grown-up child”. He’s arrogant, self-centered, narcissistic. He would make a lousy President. Unfortunately, most people don’t see that. He would not work together with the Congress AT ALL. He would be even worse than Obama when it comes to that. Did you see him flip-flop on coming in second place? First, he was gracious to Ted Cruz, and THEN he whined that Ted Cruz was CHEATING? Oh come on. When he’s not first, he’s like the little kid who wants to take his ball and go home when he’s not winning. DO WE REALLY NEED A PRESIDENT LIKE THAT?? I won’t vote for a candidate who attacks his/her rivals. Period.

  2. America’s ripe to ‘choose’ a dictator for a leader and Trump would fit the bill!!
    Our hope is in God and I pray he will continue to lead Trump to shoot himself in the foot. We, the people, seem to be too tuned into ourselves to see clearly; like sheep we will allow someone like Trump to lead us to the slaughter.

  3. Trump doesn’t have the first clue as to what was in that bill or amendments to it or anything, he’s never read A Bill. Maybe Trump should ask his buddy Chuck Shumar what he meant when he said Ted Cruz Knew Exactly What Be Was Doing And That It (amendment) Would Kill The Bill

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