Sad: TV Commercial on Atheism and Hell [Video]

Craig HueyMarketing, Media3 Comments

This TV commercial is getting lots of TV and online viral views.

Sadly, it’s from one of Ronald Reagan’s children – Ron Reagan.

Tell me what you think… and what you would say:

  1. To him
  2. To rebut what he says.

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3 Comments on “Sad: TV Commercial on Atheism and Hell [Video]”

  1. Thank you for your great work for God to keep us informed with Biblical/political issues. Do you happen to have party platforms on both parties.

  2. Not afraid of burning in hell? No big surprise. Teens aren’t afraid of high speed driving, either. And chickens aren’t afraid of the hatchet. Sometimes fear can be very healthy.

  3. Very, very, sad. If I could, I’d ask all of these people who claim that “separation of church and state” is Constitutional, to please find it there and show me. I’ve not been able to find it. I pray that Ron Reagan and all the others who deny Christ, will find Him and believe.

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