I Just Left the TV Studio…

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You see, I was on national television talking about little known trends and dangers you will not hear in the biased press or media.

The topics involved you, your family, your church, and the future of America.

Some of the key issues that I shocked the host and audience with were:

  • The devastating economic consequences by the political government shutdown. What to expect down the road.
  • Government pro socialist states versus states protecting freedom. Those governors and mayors using power to abuse the Constitution, freedom, and the path to recovery of the pandemic nightmare.
  • The socialist government war on churches. What the law says and does not say. And, what every Christians should know about meeting together and worship.
  • Evangelicals are the target…the massive amount of money being spent to turn evangelicals away from voting for pro-life, pro-religious freedom candidates and vote for pro socialist and pro-abortion candidates. How these well-funded groups are running TV and digital ads.
  • Church ballot harvesting and how it can change the election of 2020…including some interesting information on voter fraud.

The show, “Brad Dacus Live” of the Pacific Justice Institute, broadcasts on HISChannel.

The interview lasted about 30 minutes.

I hope you listen closely and then email me your thoughts.

His channel will take this video down in a few days, so you will need to watch it here.

What do you think? Email me at Craig@ElectionForum.org.

5 Comments on “I Just Left the TV Studio…”

  1. This was awesome! Two men, anointed by God, speaking the TRUTH, together in the same venue. Praise God for both of you! I hope you are right that more pastors would realize that they need to pay attention to the election and follow your advice.

  2. This is outstanding!!We really must open America Again, and Churches urgently. America is not China, America is America. Let s stand for truth. Thank you.
    Elzi Fourcher

  3. After sixteen years of Catholic education, and having raised my children in that same faith, I would have never believed I would consider any other religion. Then Pope Francis came along. The direction of his ministry was formed in Socialist South America. He is trying to drag the United States Catholics down his path, teaching them everything from the acceptance of gay marriage to a liberal approach on abortion. After Pope John Paul’s strong teaching against these premeditated sins, Pope Francis has become a hero to the Left and for all the wrong reasons.

    The Left is obtaining all their dreams with this Covid-19 scam, and a scam it is. As a BSN with a thirty-five-year career, the deaths attributed to this viral strain of flu is no greater than those in periods of the past. But this scare just began as an experiment by those possessing unelected power in leading obliging sheep to slaughter. For thirty years, the Left slowly moved their ilk into educational positions…an entire generation. Then they began consuming the financial market. Their final and most ambitious target was religion, the glue that held everything together. Their current success has become better than even they had hoped. Doubt me? Find a set of old (30+year) encyclopedias and compare figures. A one world government used to be a conspiracy theory. Perhaps not so much anymore.

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