Can ESPN Get Any More Absurd? [Video]

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Folks, you can’t make this up.

ESPN has reached a new level of absurdity in America.

Political correctness and the fear of offending anyone – ever – couldn’t find a more suitable partner than this sports broadcasting company.

It’s ultra-progressive commentary and censuring anyone who disagrees.

It pulled an Asian-American announcer from a Virginia football game because his name is Robert Lee.

Robert Lee? OK, so what’s the big deal, there are lots of Asians named Lee.

Ah, but Robert Lee sounds like Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, Asian or not. And in the wake of the Charlottesville disturbance, the “collective” brain trust at ESPN decided to pull him and send him to cover another game.

Evidently, the name Robert Lee has less chance of offending anyone’s sensibilities in Pittsburgh.

I have been saddened to watch this once-proud network slide downhill into the depths of political advocacy and progressivism.

This latest absurdity is just a byproduct of the misguided thinking geared towards not upsetting the snowflakes.

ESPN says it regrets that this is even a topic of conversation.


Then stop doing stupid stuff, ESPN!

Watch this insightful 4-minute interview on Tucker Carlson.

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