Dr. Fauci’s Big Lie is Crumbling: The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up Exposed [Powerful Video Destroys False Narrative]

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Dr. Fauci has lied to Americans.

As I’m outlining this for a clear, concise expose of three damaging, destructive lies, the Wuhan Lab cover-up is all of a sudden exploding in the news.

Since the start of the pandemic last year, this is what I outlined happened – the source is a lab! The secret virology lab is experimenting in new biological weapons for the Communist Party military and this was the origin of the virus.

Not a market. Not nature.

Man-made and manipulated. A unique and identifiable genetic code.

The media is still largely attacking the idea and suppressing the truth.

But even that is now changing. Facebook reversed its censorship on the issue.

Next week I’ll give you more details about why Dr. Fauci was trying so hard to hide the truth.

But you should watch this powerful video now.

With great clarity by two scientists who outline why the lab is the probable source.

Click HERE to see video.

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