Disney’s homosexual scene In Beauty and the Beast

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Many Christian parents and grandparents are concerned about Disney’s homosexual scene in Beauty and the Beast.

In fact, when asked, 95% of evangelical Christians said they would not see the movie.

But millions of Americans – and Christians – are…it’s a huge box office success.

The film has broken records for best PG-rated all-time opening,

and scored the seventh-biggest launch of all time for any movie. It pulled in $395.4 million in the U.S. already, costing less than 200 million to make.

Since Disney had a same-sex kissing scene on the Disney Channel in the cartoon Forces of Evil, many were concerned that would happen here.

It didn’t.

During the finale ballroom scene, after LeFou has joined up with Team Belle, LeFou dances with a man. That’s it!

It’s sad they had to force in a scene, but I doubt if any kid would notice.

What do you think? Are you going to see the movie?

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14 Comments on “Disney’s homosexual scene In Beauty and the Beast”

  1. Thanks for your comments. My girl friend said she could not notice any scene related to homosexual message.

  2. No I will not be seeing it nor will watch any future Disney endeavors. This is the first drip into children’s lives by a well trusted movie maker – into homosexuality and alternate lifestyles. Let our children be innocent until parents decide to share with them about these things. Will they hear about it at school? More than likely, but today parents and grandparents need to stay up on what is going on in the media today.

  3. Disney has been going a wrong anti-God way for many years now. Why would we entrust anything Disney to raise our children on? I see now it is getting difficult to purchase toys that are not sold by Disney in most stores. I do not nor will I give Disney one cent of my money to spend destroying the values of my family, no matter how subtle.

  4. It is no different than two women dancing togather that doesn’t mean anything thing people are so selfrightous and find fault in everything

  5. I saw the movie and didn’t even see the homosexual message that you’re talking about! But I guess we can make anything out of two humans showing love to one another. We are a hands off society. It’s very sad!

    1. It getting so bad that when your in publuc and run into an old friend or co worker you haven’t seen in years your afriad to hug them because people automatically think your homosexual get a grip people get your mind out of the gutter and think human love as God would Judge not lest ye be judge

      1. Gosh Connie knight, you are so angry. You tell others to get a grip when in point of fact perhaps you should lean more on God and stop being angry with those who are strict about following God’s Word. The judge not lest you be judged is a copout too many use to condemn true Christ followers who perhaps have the GIFT of discernment and use it to help others. There is another gift – Exhortation and it is used to not only encourage others but to exhort them when they stray from God’s narrow path. Keep reading and better yet, studying your Bible, God’s Word, ask Him to speak to your heart.

  6. I went to see the movie and judge for myself how far Disney crossed the line. I’m a 61 year old grandfather and if there was a openly homosexual scene in the movie I would make sure my family, friends and church all knew and avoided seeing the movie. Well, if I hadn’t been looking real carefully for it, I never would have seen the scene every one was referring to. In fact, it really just seemed like more of goofy LaFou being goofy when he found himself dancing with a villain in a dress. I really can’t call this a homosexual scene. People need to be more honest in their assessments when judging anything. My grandkids would never have noticed, in fact my kids wouldn’t either. It was a great movie, go see it and enjoy.

  7. Salvation through Jesus Christ is not a license to sin. Christians should not be condoning sin no matter what format it comes in, nor how lightly it is treated.

  8. Had it not been for the director bragging about an openly homosexual scene in the movie I don’t imagine anyone would have even noticed it. I didn’t take my grandkids and the reason wasn’t due to what was portrayed on the screen but rather what the director made it out to be.

  9. I saw this movie for myself. There are several scenes that were troublesome to me. The stereotypical portrayal of Gaston’s gay sidekick with effeminate qualities and poor self image. The towns folk who found himself dressed in drag by the chifforobe, and liked it. Then the last dance number where the two of them were thrown into each others arms and looked at each other with acknowledgement and pleasure. It was very subtle but judging by the comments left here it is evidence that we have and are being desensitized by the gay agenda. As they are doing in the schools as early as kindergarten they want kids to see this type of behavior as normal and acceptable. I work in a ministry that helps those in the gay community that want to be set free from their distorted self image and discover the man or woman of God that he created them to be so I am not a “gay hater”. I love them dearly and am grateful to be able to see them discover that another human being cannot complete them only God can and that goes for heterosexuals too!

  10. I will be staying home from Beauty and the Beast and hope my grandkids will too. While the scene as carefully described here would not be offensive (indeed, I’ve been in circumstances where I danced polkas and other dances with women — with absolutely no “attraction” involved), I view it as a case of the camel’s nose under the tent. If this slides by, what slightly more obvious scene will they put in next? And next a more obvious scene. So it’s the same as my boycott of Starbucks and Target — voting with my wallet.

    A few nights ago, I was looking at a re-run of an episode of the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that originally aired in 1995. Two women were kissing. Granted, these fictional characters were some sort of “aliens” whose humanoid bodies were joined to “symbiants” where the genders of both host and symbiant could be either male or female. But still, now that the gender lobby has become so active and so prominent and pushy, these little things I may have missed at the time (or forgotten about, as such scenes have always made me queasy), I’m now alerted and will vote with the wallet in the future as well.

    So sorry, Disney, you won’t be getting my support OR my ticket price! You need to get back to your founder’s values!

  11. My concern is the subtle inclusion of actions in the Children’s stories that allude to gay behavior and the knowledge that the Disney company is openly striving to include more and more of that in their productions. Children may not understand it now, but it plants seeds to desensitize them to it later. It’s a slippery slope into the acceptance of ungodly behavior.

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