Unraveling: Even CNN Liberals Now Saying FBI/CIA/NSA Deep State Bias Against Trump “Disturbing” [surprising video]

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The media lie is crumbling…

The truth about the corruption at the top leadership levels of the FBI and other intelligence agencies is being recognized now – even by CNN.

Criticism by President Trump and other conservatives of the politicization and abuse of power of the FBI and other intelligence agencies has been mocked by CNN and other liberal news outlets.

They have claimed that the U.S intelligence community is above reproach and that their activities and motives should never be questioned…

But now one CNN legal analyst has changed his mind about Trump … and says what he has discovered about the FBI is “disturbing.”

Watch the surprising CNN video below:


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One Comment on “Unraveling: Even CNN Liberals Now Saying FBI/CIA/NSA Deep State Bias Against Trump “Disturbing” [surprising video]”

  1. The only way the deep-state establishment-mafia is surgically removed from government, is to 1st remove all the fake-conservatives from the GOP.

    The fact that fake conservative senators McConnell, McCain, Graham, Durban, Flake, Bennet, Gardner, and Menendez, along with Paul Ryan and many fake conservatives in the House of Representatives have not been replaced with true conservatives shows how ruined the GOP is. And the fact that democrats are even worse will not keep my children and grandchildren from living in a destroyed, tyrant-run America If we don’t return the GOP to being “The party of the constitution.”

    The foolish reasoning that has had GOP voters settling for establishment fake conservatives “because democrats are worse” has ruined the GOP.

    More important, where are our shepherds while their sheep are increasingly attacked and their nation being taken over by people bringing tyranny – including fake conservatives??? ANSWER: 99% of church leaders teach a watered-down ear-tickling version of the gospel while providing entertaining music to keep their lukewarm sheep happy. The result is that there’s Plenty of representation of ‘lucifer the lier,’ but hardly any representation of God in government, the school system, or much else. The democrats or ‘end-times’ aren’t destroying America. A lack of God being represented in government thanks to lukewarm shepherds destroys America.

    Time to replace lukewarm pastors/priests with true biblical shepherds who remind their flock to be ‘soldiers for Christ’ instead of victims empowering evildoers by not lovingly opposing them.

    Church leaders are to protect their sheep spiritually and physically, not to keep them happy while evil people steal away their country, children and grandchildren! In the meantime, we must pray, and then get off our knees and get to work fixing this nation for Christ – starting with getting true godly conservators elected to government.

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