Shocking Revelation: Facebook Is the New Thought Police Censoring Conservative and Christian Content [Video]

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks he should decide which news content you should see when you log into your Facebook account.


Because he thinks that “There’s too much sensationalism, misinformation and polarization in the world today.”

And he believes it’s his responsibility to keep you from being exposed to the content that – in his opinion – fits into those categories…

Recently Facebook made what it is describing as a “trusted sources” news algorithm change.

Zuckerberg described it this way: “This update will not change the amount of news you see on Facebook. It will only shift the balance of news you see towards sources that are determined to be trusted by the community.”

Trusted by his socialist/progressive community, that is…

Campbell Brown – a former NBC and CNN anchor who now leads the news partnership team at Facebook – explained: “We are, for the first time in the history of Facebook, taking a step to try to define what ‘quality news’ looks like and give that a boost.”

The results have been dramatic…

Conservative news sites have seen double-digit decreases in internet traffic … while liberal news sites have experienced gains in traffic … or have continued to receive the same amount of traffic as before.

For example:

  • Breitbart News – previously among the most popular conservative sites on Facebook – has seen a 30% drop in traffic.
  • The Western Journal was the 5th most popular news site on Facebook before the algorithm change … since the change it has dropped to 12th.
  • The New York Times was the 4th most accessed news site on Facebook before the algorithm change … it has remained 4th since the change.
  • CNN went from being ranked 16th in popularity to 2nd place!

With about half the country relying on Facebook as their primary news source, the impact of this algorithm change is huge…

No longer can you optimize your Facebook news content based on sites you “Like” and “Follow.”

Instead, the content you now see has been optimized based on Facebook’s political agenda … and on their opinion of what are “trusted sources.”

Facebook used to be a social network … but no more…

Not when Mark Zuckerberg and other progressive elites in Silicon Valley decide what news you should receive … and what information you should consume.

Watch my friend Floyd Brown – founder of The Western Journal – on Tucker Carlson tonight (just under 4 minutes):


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  1. Being censored is a part and parcel of the United States… it?????? Not in my book nor is it in our
    constitutional……is it???????

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