Major Culture Shift on Marriage in America

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In recent years, far fewer Americans rate marriage as “very important” for couples with children, according to the latest Gallup poll.

Compared to similar Gallup polls in 2013 and 2006, the percentage who say it’s “very important” for couples to be married who have children has shown a steady decline.

  • 29% in 2020 said marriage is “very important”.
  • 38% in 2013 said marriage is “very important”.
  • 49% in 2006 said marriage is “very important”.

31% said marriage is “somewhat important” compared to 27% in 2006 and 26% in 2013. And 40% of people think it is “not too important” or “not at all important.” This was up from 35% in 2014 and 23% in 2006.

Political liberals and young adults are two groups whose opinions on marriage have not changed in the past seven years.

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