Shocking Student Hypocrisy: Discriminating Against Christians [Video]

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Students at the University of Wisconsin were asked four questions on YouTube.

  • The students were asked if a business owner had the right to decline a customer. All of them answered in the affirmative.
  • They were asked if they thought a dress designer should have the freedom not to design a dress for Melania Trump. All of them said yes.
  • And they were asked if a Muslim should have the right to turn down singing at a Christian church. They said yes.
  • Then they were asked if a Christian photographer should have the right not to photograph a same-sex wedding. Watch their strange reactions and contradicting answers in the video.

Watch the shocking answers in the video here, about 4 minutes.

The video has generated over 609,160 views.

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4 Comments on “Shocking Student Hypocrisy: Discriminating Against Christians [Video]”

  1. Incredibly hypocritical. The bakery in Oregon had to close after it lost a lawsuit for turning down a customer’s request.

  2. They are bombarded with lies by media and teachers and friends and lgbtq community and parents etc etc etc so what do you expect.. hypocrysy. They will never know truth from lies unless they are bombarded with it as well. Young children, our youth, college age are very impressionable and are like sheep following the rest of the lost sheep to their slaughter, if led by truth from birth upwards, they would be discerning truth from lies. And, it starts at home with truth bearing parents

    1. Patricia B: E X A C T L Y! It’s called PROPAGANDA. Whether it’s coming from “social media” “friends” “teachers/profs” wherever, it’s indoctrination. That’s EXACTLY what the muslims and homo’s are pushing: THEIR VIEWS. Common sense doesn’t seem to be “common” any more, precisely BECAUSE of them pushing it down our throats. “You’re going to accept OUR views or else!” Logical thinking has flown “out the window”. What a shame.

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