Where do the Candidates Stand on Life/Abortion?

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Where do the Candidates Stand on Life/Abortion?

Where do the Presidential candidates stand on life and abortion?


The differences between the two major party candidates could not be more stark:

  Hillary Clinton Donald Trump
Obamacare should pay for abortion Yes No
Life begins at


No Yes
Taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood Yes Yes (but not for abortion)
Partial Birth Abortion Yes No

What do you think?

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4 Comments on “Where do the Candidates Stand on Life/Abortion?”

  1. Non-public paid Abortion is another reason to vote Republican. Of course the Republican Leadership must be replaced if the Republicans can continue to support the Party; they are the reason the Party is loosing its base. Another reason is the Candidates the Party has been supporting has been very poor instead of true leaders. Reagan type Candidates are what this Party needs to vitalize the Republican Party.

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