los angeles county voter guide

This Election 2020 Los Angeles County voter guide will help you cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda and biased media coverage of the campaigns. This guide ranks every aspect of a candidate’s record according to experience, integrity, and commitment to community.

Here you’ll find recommendations for:

  • President
  • Propositions
  • Superior Court Judges
  • Congress
  • State Senator
  • Assembly Men
  • City Council

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Ratings: Every candidate is considered after thorough research; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete. Here is our rating system:

  •  : The best candidate. Our strongest endorsement.
  • : Very good.
  • : Acceptable.
  • : Vote only to prevent worse candidate(s) from winning.
  • : Terrible. Do Not Vote. All your other votes will count.

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2020  Presidential Election Recommendations

(View official election schedule here)


  • Joe Biden(D) 
  • Elizabeth Warren (D) 
  • Bernie Sanders (D) 
  • Pete Buttigieg (D) 
  • Tom Steyer (D) 
  • Mike Bloomberg (D) 
  • Donald Trump (R)  [Endorsed]
  • Governor William F. Weld (R) 



link for info: here


Judges sitting on California courts may be incompetent, corrupt or lazy. Even worse, many are political opportunists with a political agenda.

There are two types of judges. One is the “judicial activist.” A judicial activist legislates from the bench. Instead of strictly interpreting California law, these judges make the laws. Instead of applying the law to facts, they rule based on their own values

Judicial activists have:

  • Overturned voter-passed initiatives and laws passed by the state legislature because they personally have different belief system. They twist the law to rationalize their decisions.
  • Imposed their own moral codes, political beliefs and secular values in an effort to reshape our society and promote social engineering.

The second judicial philosophy, “strict constructionist,” is one in which the judge impartially arrives at a fair judgment based on law.

Judicial activists are usually more liberal; strict constructionists are usually more conservative.


1 being lowest, 10 being best. This is a 1-10 scale for Judge ratings. 

We come up with the final rating by taking the average of the candidate’s Judicial Index and Qualifications. For example, if the candidate had a Judicial Index of 8 and Qualifications of 6, their overall rating would be 7.

Superior Court Judges

Office 17

  • Shannon Kathleen Cooley [uncontested]

Office 42

  • Linda L. Sun – Rating 2
  • Robert Villa – Rating 5

Office 72

  • Myanna Dellinger – Rating 3
  • Steve Morgan – Rating 5
  • Robert Jacobs Rating 3

Office 76

  • Emily Cole – Rating 6
  • Judge Mike Cummins – Rating 3

Office 80

  • David A. Berger – Rating 4
  • Klint James – Rating 4
  • Nick C. Rini – Rating 6

Office 97

  • Sherry L. Powell – Rating 3
  • Timothy D. Reuben – Rating 5

Office 129

  • Kenneth M. Fuller – Rating 3
  • Bruce A. Moss – Rating 4
  • Mark MacCarley – Rating 5

Office 131

  • Michelle Kelley [uncontested]

Office 141

  • Lana Kim [uncontested]

Office 145

  • Adan Montalban – Rating 3
  • Troy Slaten – Rating 10

Office 150

  • Manuel Alejandro Almada – Rating 6
  • Sherri “Onica” Valle Cole – Rating 3
  • Tom Parsekian – Rating 3

Office 162

  • Scott Andrew Yang – Rating 3
  • Caree Annette Harper – Rating 3
  • David D. Diamond – Rating 5

U.S. Representative

23rd District

  • Kevin McCarthy (R) (Incumbent)  
  • Kim Mangone (D) 

25th District

  • Robert Cooper (D) 
  • Getro Elize (D) 
  • Christopher Smith (D) 
  • Christy Smith (D) 
  • Cenk Uygur (D) 
  • Anibal Valdez-Ortega (D)
  • Mike Garcia (R) 
  • Kenneth Jenks (R) 
  • Stephen Knight (R) 
  • David Lozano (R) 
  • Daniel Mercuri (R) 
  • George Papadopoulos (R) 
  • Otis Lee Cooper (I) 

26th District

  • Julia Brownley (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Enrique Petris (D) 
  • Robert Salas (D) 
  • Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy (R)

27th District

  • Judy Chu (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Beatrice Cardenas (R) 
  • Johnny Nalbandian (R) 
  • Christian Daly (I) 

28th District

  • Adam Schiff (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Chad Anderson (D) 
  • Sal Genovese (D) 
  • Maebe A. Girl (D) 
  • Ara Khachi Manoogian (D) 
  • William Bodell (R) 
  • Eric Early (R) 
  • Jennifer Barbosa (I) 

29th District

  • Tony Cardenas (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Angelica Duenas (D) 
  • Michael Guzik (D) 
  • Brian Perras (R) 

30th District

  • Brad Sherman (D) (Incumbent) 
  • CJ Berina (D) 
  • Brian Carroll (D) 
  • Raji Rab (D) 
  • Mark Reed (R) 

32nd District

  • Grace Napolitano (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Emanuel Gonzales (D) 
  • Meshal Kashifalghita (D) 
  • Joshua Scott (R) 

33rd District

  • Ted Lieu (D) 
  • Liz Barris (D) 
  • Albert Maxwell Goldberg (D) 
  • James P. Bradley (R) 
  • Sarah Sun Liew (R) 
  • Kenneth Wright (I) 

34th District

  • Jimmy Gomez (D) (Incumbent) 
  • David Kim (D) 
  • Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla (D) 
  • Keanakay Scott (D) 
  • Joanne Wright (R) 

35th District

  • Norma Torres (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Mike Cargile (R) 

37th District

  • Karen Bass (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Errol Webber (R) 
  • Larry Thompson (Independent) 

38th District

  • Linda Sánchez (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Michael Tolar (D) 

39th District

  • Gil Cisneros (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Young Kim (R) 
  • Steve Cox (Independent) 

40th District

  • Lucille Roybal-Allard (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Anthony Felix Jr. (D) 
  • David Sanchez (D) 
  • Antonio Delgado (R) 
  • Michael Graham Jr. (American Independent Party) 
  • Rodolfo Cortes Barragan (G) 

43rd District

  • Maxine Waters (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Joe Collins (R) 
  • Omar Navarro (R) (Incarcerated) 

44th District

  • Nanette Barragán (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Morris Griffin (D) 
  • Analilia Joya (D) 
  • Billy Earley (R) 

47th District

  • Alan Lowenthal (D) (Incumbent)
  • Peter Mathews (D)
  • Jalen McLeod (D)
  • John Briscoe (R) 
  • Sou Moua (R) 
  • Amy Phan West (R)  

California State Senate

District 21

  • Warren Heaton (D) 
  • Steve Hill (D) 
  • Dana LaMon (D) 
  • Kipp Mueller (D) 
  • Scott Wilk (R) (Incumbent) 

District 23

  • Kris Goodfellow (D) 
  • Abigail Medina (D) 
  • Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R) 
  • Cristina Puraci (R) 
  • Lloyd White (R) 

District 25

  • Anthony Portantino, Jr. (D) (Incumbent) 

District 27

  • Henry Stern (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Houman Salem (R) 

District 29

  • Joseph Cho (D) 
  • Josh Newman (D) 
  • Ling Ling Chang (R) (Incumbent) 

District 33

  • Lena Gonzalez (D) (Incumbent) 

District 35

  • Steven Bradford (D) (Incumbent) 

State Assembly

District 36

  • Jonathan Ervin (D) 
  • Lourdes Everett (D) 
  • Steve Fox (D) 
  • Diedra Greeenaway (D) 
  • Ollie M. McCaulley (D) 
  • Tom Lackey (R) (Incumbent) 

District 38

  • Dina Cervantes (D) 
  • Annie Cho (D) 
  • Kelvin Driscoll (D) 
  • Brandii Grace (D) 
  • Susan Christopher (D) 
  • Suzette Martinez Valladares (R) 
  • Lucie Lapointe Volotzky (R) 

District 39

  • Luz Maria Rivas (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Ricardo Benitez (R) 

District 41

  • Chris Holden (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Robin Hvidston (R) 

District 43

  • Laura Fried man (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Mike Graves (R) 
  • Robert Sexton (I) 

District 44

  • Jacqui Irwin (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Denise Pedrow (R) 

District 45

  • Jesse Gabriel (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Jeff Girgenti (R) 

District 46

  • Lanira Murphy (D) 
  • Adrin Nazarian (D) (Incumbent) 

District 48

  • Blanca Rubio (D) (Incumbent) 

District 49

  • Edwin Chau (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Bryan Mesinas Pérez (D) 
  • Priscilla Silva (D) 
  • Burton Brink (R) 

District 50

District 51

  • Wendy Carillo (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Victor Jaun Vedin (R) 

District 52

  • Freddie Rodriguez (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Toni Holle (D) 

District 53

  • Godfrey Santos Plata (D) 
  • Miguel Santiago (D) (Incumbent) 

District 54

  • Clinton Brown (D) 
  • Tracy Bernard Jones (D) 
  • Sydney Kamlager (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Glen Ratcliff (R) 

District 55

  • Andrew Rodriguez (D) 
  • Phillip Chen (R) (Incumbent) 

District 57

  • Josue Alvarado (D) 
  • Lisa Calderon (D) 
  • Primo Castro (D) 
  • Gary Mendez (D) 
  • Sylvia Rubio (D) 
  • Dora Sandoval (D) 
  • Vanessa Tyson (D) 
  • Oscar Valladares (D) 
  • Jessica Martinez (R) 

District 58

  • Cristina Garcia (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Margaret Villa  (Green Party) 

District 59

  • Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Efren Martinez (D) 
  • Marcello Villeda (R) 

District 62

  • Autumn Burke (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Robert Steele (R) 

District 63

  • Maria Estrada (D) 
  • Anthony Rendon (D) (Incumbent) 

District 64

  • Mike Gipson (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Fatima Iqbal-Zubair (D) 
  • David Cunningham (D) 

District 66

  • Al Muratsuchi (D) (Incumbent) 
  • Arthur Schaper (R) 

District 70

  • Patrick O’Donnell (D) (Incumbent) 
  • David Thomas (R) 

City Council


  • Paul Krekorian
  • Ayinde Jones
  • Rudy Melendez


  • David Ryu
  • Nithya Raman
  • Sarah Kate Levy


  • Nury Martinez
  • Bill Haller
  • Benito “Benny” Bernal


  • Marqueece Harris-Dawson


  • Channing Martinez
  • Mark Ridley-Thomas
  • Melvin Snell
  • Aura Vásquez
  • Grace Yoo

Council District 12

  • John Lee
  • Loraine Lundquist

Supervisor (recommended only)

Los Angeles seat #

2: Albert Robles

4: No Recommendation

5: Kathryn Barger

District Attorney (recommended only)

Jackie Lacey

Central Committee Candidates

District 66

  • Frank A. Scotto
  • Arthur Schaper [Endorsed]
  • Peter C. Michel [Endorsed]
  • Allan T. Ku [Endorsed]
  • Russ Lesser
  • Marlene M. Silva
  • Susan Brooks [Endorsed]
  • Janice Webb
  • Eric Michael Schuchman [Endorsed]
  • Claude Todoroff [Endorsed]
  • Martha Logan [Endorsed]
  • Thomas Clinton Brewer
  • Patricia O. Lagrelius [Endorsed]

Los Angeles County

Measure FD – Vote NO

Shall an ordinance ensuring local firefighter/paramedic emergency response, involving house fires, wildfires, heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents, to hire/train firefighter/paramedics, upgrade/replace aging firefighter safety equipment, vehicles, facilities, life-saving rescue tools, and emergency…

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Measure R – Vote NO 

Shall the measure amending Chapter 3.79 of the Los Angeles County Code to revise the duties and powers of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission to investigate Sheriff-related issues, compel production of records and witnesses, review and evaluate the Office of the Inspector General’s handling of…

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City of Torrance

City Council Members

District 4

  • Sharon Kalani
  • Susan “Sue” Herbers

District 6

  • Andrew Deblock
  • Mike Griffiths

Measure J – Vote NO 

Shall the City Charter be amended to make the office of City Treasurer appointive?

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Measure Q – Vote NO 

Shall the City Charter be amended to make the office of City Clerk appointive?

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Measure U – Vote YES

Shall the City Charter be amended to allow the City Council 60 days to fill a vacancy in an elective office?

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Measure X – Vote NO 

Shall the measure authorizing a local, City of Torrance 3/4¢ sales tax (to be levied only if a district sales tax measure has qualified for a ballot and may continue to be imposed only if that district measure receives voter approval), to fund municipal services, such as maintaining fire, paramedic,…

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City of Long Beach

Measure A – Vote No

To maintain 911 emergency response services, police, fire, parks, improve water quality, repair streets, and maintain general services, shall a measure be adopted extending the City of Long Beach’s transactions and use (sales) tax beyond 2027, generating approximately $60 million annually, at a maximum…

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Measure B – Vote NO

To provide funding for student arts education programs, community arts, music, cultural programs and organizations, local museums and theaters, and the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, and maintain other general fund programs shall a measure be adopted increasing Long Beach’s general transient…

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City of Cerritos

Measure C – Vote NO

Shall the measure to establish a general, three-quarters percent (0.75%) local transactions and use (sales) tax, raising an estimated $11.4 million annually, and ending when voters decide to do so, subject to independent audits and public reports of spending, to provide and maintain a high level of City…

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City of Duarte

Measure D – Vote NO 

Shall the measure to maintain general City services such as 911 emergency response times, sheriff’s neighborhood and school patrols; prevent thefts and burglaries; prepare for future wildfires and mud flows; protect local drinking water sources; repair streets and potholes; address homelessness; maintain…

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City of Avalon

Measure E – Vote NO 

ADVISORY VOTE ONLY: Should the City of Avalon expand its current commercial cannabis ordinance from medical delivery only to allow for adult use/recreational delivery sales within the City of Avalon city limits?

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Measure F – Vote NO 

ADVISORY VOTE ONLY: Should the City of Avalon expand its current commercial cannabis ordinance to allow for a cannabis business storefront location or dispensary within the City of Avalon city limits?

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Measure SS – Vote NO 

Shall a measure be adopted by the City of Avalon enacting a one-quarter percent (1/4%) transactions and use (sales) tax, generating approximately $240,000.00 annually for general City services until ended by voters?

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City of Gardena

Measure G – Vote NO 

To provide the City of Gardena with funding available to retain experienced police officers/firefighters/paramedics; maintain 911 emergency response times, gang/drug prevention programs, emergency communications, neighborhood police patrols, youth/senior services, parks/recreation centers; repair streets/sidewalks,…

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City of Montebello

Measure H – Vote NO 

To maintain Montebello’s long-term financial stability and public safety, including police/fire/911 emergency response; protect local drinking water sources; repair streets/potholes; keep public areas safe/clean; provide gang prevention, youth/afterschool, senior, other general services; shall an ordinance…

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City of Lakewood

Measure L – Vote NO 

To protect City of Lakewood’s financial stability; maintain 911 emergency response/sheriff patrols; prevent property crimes, thefts, burglaries; protect local drinking water; maintain streets; repair potholes; keep public areas/parks safe/clean; address homelessness; maintain senior/disabled resident/youth/gang…

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City of Calabasas

Measure N – Vote NO 

Shall the Initiative Ordinance No. 2020-380 amending the Calabasas General Plan and Municipal Code and adopting a new Specific Plan allowing up to 161 new market-rate apartment units, within an existing 600-unit apartment complex at 3831 North Orchid Lane, Calabasas, CA, requiring at least ten percent…

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City of Norwalk

Measure P – Vote NO 

To maintain and improve public safety services and 911 emergency response; repair streets and potholes; help protect local drinking water sources; address homelessness; keep public areas safe and clean; maintain gang prevention, parks, youth afterschool programs, services for seniors, individuals with…

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City of El Segundo

Measure T – Vote YES

Shall the office of City Treasurer be appointed, with the first appointment to be made upon the earlier of (i) the expiration of the term of office of the person elected to serve as City Treasurer at the March 3, 2020 General Municipal Election; or (ii) a vacancy in such office?

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City of Whittier

Measure W – Vote NO 

To provide the City of Whittier with funding available to hire/retain police officers to reduce crime/gangs/drugs/graffiti; reduce 911 response times; address homelessness; increase neighborhood/park/business patrols; maintain streets, sidewalks, parks, senior services, afterschool programs, and provide…

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City of Paramount

Measure Y – Vote NO 

To maintain City of Paramount public safety; gang prevention, youth/afterschool programs; neighborhood Sheriff patrols; protect local clean drinking water supplies; address homelessness; repair streets/potholes; maintain storm drains/prevent flooding; clean up illegal dumping; make public areas safe/clean,…

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City of Azusa

Measure Z – Vote NO 

To maintain City of Azusa police, firefighter and paramedic staffing levels, 9-1-1 emergency response services, gang enforcement and neighborhood patrols; address homelessness to maintain public health/safety; repair parks, library, community centers; and maintain graffiti removal, senior services including…

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City of Artesia

Measure AA – Vote NO 

Shall a measure be adopted establishing a 3/4% transactions and use (sales) tax providing approximately $2,200,000 annually until ended by voters, to fund general City services, such as public safety, parks and recreation services, maintaining public infrastructure like streets, sidewalks, parks and…

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Measure BB – Vote NO 

Shall a measure be adopted amending the Artesia Municipal Code to increase the Transient Occupancy Tax rate from 12.5% to 15%, providing approximately $84,000 in additional annual revenue until ended by voters to maintain general City services such as public safety, parks and recreation services, maintaining…

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City of Alhambra

Measure AL – Vote NO 

To protect City of Alhambra’s long-term financial stability; maintain fire, police, emergency response/school safety; preventing thefts/burglaries; repairing streets/potholes; recruit/retain well-trained police/firefighters; keep public areas safe/clean; maintain gang prevention, afterschool and senior…

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City of Culver City

Measure CC – Vote NO 

Shall the measure to maintain 911 emergency response services by retaining firefighters/police officers/paramedics; addressing homelessness; fixing potholes/streets; maintaining storm drains, parks, after-school programs, senior services, and other general fund services, by continuing the voter approved…

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City of Monterey Park

Measure GG – Vote NO 

Shall the proposition imposing a general three-quarter cent transactions and use tax (sales tax) raising approximately $4,000,000 each year to pay for general municipal services be adopted?

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Measure HH – Vote NO 

Shall the Advisory Proposition advising the City of Monterey Park regarding expenditure of revenue resulting from a 3/4 sales tax increase be adopted?

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City of Hawaiian Gardens

Measure HG – Vote NO 

To keep local sales tax dollars in Hawaiian Gardens to maintain public safety; fix potholes/streets; maintain senior services; after school programs; improve City parks; and provide the ability to provide City services in the event other revenue sources disappear, shall the measure authorizing a three-quarters-cent…

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City of La Verne

Measure LV – Vote NO 

To maintain funding for general city services in La Verne, including: 9-1-1 emergency response, fire protection, paramedics, police patrols, gang, drug and crime prevention, street maintenance, pothole repair and removing graffiti, shall an ordinance establishing a 0.75% local sales tax until ended by…

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City of San Fernando

Measure MJ – Vote NO 

Shall the City ban marijuana storefront dispensaries and all other cannabis business activities in the City?

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City of El Monte

Measure PC – Vote NO 

To fund El Monte public safety, parks, recreation, and youth programs including: after-school programs; youth recreation; addiction prevention; community policing; and park improvements, shall a gross receipts tax be adopted for cannabis businesses up to 9% for retail, up to 6% for cultivation and manufacturing,…

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City of San Dimas

Measure SD – Vote NO 

To preserve San Dimas’ long-term financial stability; maintain emergency response, neighborhood sheriff patrols; prevent thefts/burglaries; protect/clean local water sources; keep public areas safe/clean; repair streets/potholes; maintain senior, youth/afterschool services/other general services; shall…

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City of San Gabriel

Measure SG – Vote NO 

To maintain City of San Gabriel’s fire, police/911 response; prevent thefts/burglaries; keep public areas safe/clean; recruit/retain will-trained police, firefighters/paramedics; repair streets/potholes; attract/retain local businesses; maintain senior services, youth programs, parks, other general services/aging…

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City of Bell

Measure TT – Vote NO 

Shall the measure, entitled City of Bell Transactions and Use Tax Measure, establishing a three quarter cent per dollar (0.75%) general sales tax, annually providing an estimated $1.4 million in revenue, until ended by voters, with funds being deposited into the City’s General Fund for police, streets,…

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City of West Covina

Measure WC – Vote NO 

Shall the ordinance establishing a three-quarter percent (0.75%) local sales tax (transactions and use tax) that will raise approximately $9.7 million annually for the City’s general fund until ended by voters and establishing an Oversight Committee, be adopted?

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Las Virgenes Unified School District

Measure V – Vote NO 

To locally fund upgrades for safe/modern schools; enhance instructional technology, college/career readiness in math, science, technology, engineering, arts; improve safety, security, emergency/fire systems; repair, acquire, construct, equip classrooms, sites, facilities, roofs, plumbing, heating/air…

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Burbank Unified School District

Measure I – Vote NO 

To maintain high-quality Burbank schools by retaining excellent teachers; protecting small class sizes; and maintain/expand career/college courses, art, music, science, innovative programs, safety and wellness support, shall this Burbank Unified School District measure to levy $0.10 per square foot of…

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Mountain View Elementary School District

Measure M – Vote NO 

To improve the quality of local schools; make health, safety and handicapped accessibility improvements; modernize/renovate classrooms, restrooms and school facilities; and replace outdated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems; shall Mountain View School District’s measure be adopted authorizing…

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Lowell Joint School District

Measure O – Vote YES

In order to maintain consistency and education curriculum for families, students and staff in our local elementary and middle schools with the feeder high school district, and permanently save the District nearly $250,000 annually, shall Lowell Joint School District permanently transfer its current jurisdiction…

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San Marino Unified School District

Measure S – Vote NO 

To maintain schools by repairing and upgrading classrooms/restrooms/plumbing/electrical/heating/air-conditioning/security/fire/earthquake safety systems; updating science/engineering classrooms; repairing, constructing, acquiring educational/athletic/arts facilities/equipment, shall San Marino Unified…

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Antelope Valley Health Care District

Measure AV – Vote NO 

Shall the measure authorizing the Antelope Valley Healthcare District to issue 30-Year General Obligation Bonds, not to exceed $350 million at tax rates described in the voter guide, to keep Antelope Valley Hospital and its trauma center from closing by building a new hospital meeting California’s Earthquake…

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Lawndale Elementary School District

Measure EE – Vote NO 

To continue critical renovation and modernization at District schools; modernize outdated classrooms, restrooms and school facilities; make safety and security improvements, and replace temporary portables with permanent classrooms; shall Lawndale Elementary School District issue $33,800,000 of bonds…

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La Canada Unified School District

Measure LC – Vote NO 

To protect quality education in La Cañada schools, attract and retain highly qualified teachers, maintain manageable class sizes, and continue funding academic programs including advanced subjects, math, science, technology, engineering, arts, and robotics, shall La Cañada Unified School District’s measure…

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Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

Measure PV – Vote NO 

To repair aging Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District sites; improve campus safety/security systems; make seismic, roofing, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and disabled student access improvements; update/replace bathrooms, classrooms, and science labs that support students for college/career…

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Keppel Union Elementary School District

Measure SF – Vote NO

To improve the quality of education, replace portables with permanent classrooms to meet 21st century needs, upgrade plumbing, electrical systems, improve student health/safety, construct support facilities, quality for $12,000,000 in state grants, shall Keppel Union School District’s measure be adopted…

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Local Classrooms Funding Authority School Facilities Improvement District 2016-1

Measure SP – Vote NO

To provide students additional opportunities for career and academic success at local schools, including Hawthorne, Lawndale, and Leuzinger High Schools, and to optimize athletic facilities for joint use with local communities, shall School Facilities Improvement District No. 2016-1 of the Local Public…

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Sulphur Springs Union School District

Measure US – Vote NO 

To improve local elementary schools by: increasing access to science, technology, engineering, math, and arts instruction; modernizing classrooms and labs; upgrading security and emergency communication systems; replacing aging portable classrooms; shall the Sulphur Springs Union School District measure…

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